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IBM C2070-443 Exam -

Free C2070-443 Sample Questions:

1. What is the default duration of a security token generated to access a resource manager object?
A. 1 day
B. 2 days
C. 2 hours
D. 30 minutes
Answer: B

2. A new user has just been added to the Content Manager system. The administrator wants to assign this userid a privilege set in an already existing access control list. The userid is not shown in the access control list modification panel. Which of the following is the most likely reason for this?
A. The access control list is already in use and cannot be modified anymore.
B. The userid has an assigned privilege set which includes the ItemSuperAccess privilege.
C. The password for the new userid is expired immediately, and therefore, this userid cannot be accessed.
D. The Content Manager System Administration client needs to be restarted after a userid is created to refresh the cache.
Answer: B

3. The migrator process has been set to check for data to migrate at intervals of 15 minutes between 8:30 PM and 4:30 AM. Sometimes the migration process takes about 20 minutes to complete. What happens when the last migration process commences?
A. The migrator will start logging errors as soon as it hits 4:30 AM.
B. The migrator will stop if it runs past 4:30 AM and resume at 8:30 PM from where it stopped.
C. The migrator will complete the last migration process and will stop until the next cycle begins.
D. The migrator will stop at 4:30 AM and an optional flag can be set to email an administrator of a stalled migration.
Answer: C

4. Which TWO of the following are valid delete rules that may be applied to a child component definition?
A. Cascade
B. Restrict
C. SetToNull
D. No Action
E. SetDefault
Answer: A, B

5. Additional privileges were added to a privilege set associated with a user group, which has been assigned to an ACL. However, a user in this user group does not see these privileges. Which of the following is a possible reason for this outcome?
A. The user belongs to a subdomain.
B. The privilege was added to a different privilege set.
C. The user is not a Content Manager system administrator.
D. An ACL cannot grant more access than a user has in the privilege set associated with their user ID.
Answer: D

6. In a system with administrative domains enabled, which of the following objects can exist in more then one domain?
A. User IDs
B. Collections
C. Resource Managers
D. Access Control Lists
Answer: D

7. An Item Type must contain which of the following?
A. A root component
B. A resource component
C. At least one child component
D. An item constructor component
Answer: A

8. During installation, which of the following options must be configured to connect to an LDAP server and retrieve user names and groups into Content Manager?
A. Base DN and group names
B. Server name and Base DN
C. Server name and group attributes
D. Base DN and minimum number of records to retrieve
Answer: B

9. A collection point provides which of the following functions?
A. Defines the data storage volumes for document routing folders and folder items.
B. Waits for external documents to collect in a folder. It sends documents to another work node after administrator approval.
C. Waits for external documents to collect in a folder. The types of documents collected are specifically determined by the business task. The collected documents are automatically sent to the next defined work node.
D. Waits for external documents to collect in a folder. It sends documents to another work node after a folder has collected the required number of documents or sets a notification flag if the time allotted to wait for the required documents has expired.
Answer: D

10. In a system that uses DB2 Information Integrator for Content and Workflow, how can a user be deleted from Workflow that has already been deleted in DB2 Information Integrator for Content?
A. Run the EIPUser2WF.bat to delete the users from Workflow.
B. Run the fmcibie utility to delete users and user groups from Workflow.
C. Add the deleted persons to the DeletePersons.fdl file and restart the Workflow service.
D. These users are always synchronized and therefore will never have to delete users directly from Workflow.
Answer: B

11. Which item type classification does NOT allow text searching on the content of a text document?
A. Item
B. Document
C. Resource
D. Document Part
Answer: A

12. A solutions integrator has been asked to extract administrative metadata in XML format from DB2 Content Manager in a custom application. Which of the following approaches is the simplest solution to accomplish this task?
A. Use the DKXMLSysAdminService service class in the XML Java API.
B. Use the XML Schema Mapping tool to export the XML data to a file.
C. Use the DKAdminData class to extract the data inside a C++ program.
D. Write a custom administrative user exit to export the XML data to a file.
Answer: A

13. A developer needs to integrate enterprise content with two line-of-business applications. The first application contains DB2 relational data and the second one is an archive of images residing on a Domino.DOC system. Which of the following approaches will work best if the goal is to minimize both the development time and the amount of code written and maintained by the client?
A. Develop Java applications using the base libraries of DB2 and Domino.DOC.
B. Develop the application using the native API's available with DB2 and Domino.DOC.
C. Develop the application using the Federated connector within the WebSphere Information Integrator for Content Edition.
D. Develop the application using the Relational data connector and the Domino.doc enabler connector within the
WebSphere Information Integrator for Content Edition.
Answer: C

14. The DB2 Content Manager connector API query language is similar to which of the following?
B. XPath
C. XQuery
D. Regular expressions
Answer: B

15. A developer needs to prototype the integration of DB2 Content Manager with an existing application built on the Microsoft .NET framework. Which of the following related to the integration options is accurate?
A. The developer will need to rewrite the .NET application in Java.
B. The developer must recompile the .NET application as a Visual C++ 6.0 application.
C. The developer will be able to connect directly to Content Manager from the .NET application.
D. The developer will be able to connect to Content Manager but only through a Java proxy class.
Answer: C

16. Which of the following options allows one to quickly develop an MS .NET application which accesses data stored in a DB2 Content Manager Server?
A. Portlet
B. Web services
C. User exit on the Client for Windows
D. XML Services provided by the C++ API
Answer: B

17. Which THREE of the following files contain System Administration Client error logging information?
A. dklog.log
B. cmadmin.log
C. cmbadmerr.log
D. IDMSysAdmin.log
E. IDMcmberror.log
F. cmbadminerr.log
Answer: A, B, C

18. A Content Manager administrator has found that after importing users defined in LDAP into Content Manager, the imported users are unable to log in to Content Manager. From the Tools>Logging menu in the System Administration client, where would one change the tracing level to help diagnose this problem?
A. General
B. System Administration
C. Library Server
D. Resource Manager
Answer: B

19. When a connection to a pre-existing Content Manager database server is being defined during an installation of a new administrative client, what will happen if the schema name is omitted or typed incorrectly?
A. The administrative client will fail to start.
B. The installation process will create a default schema.
C. The System Administration client list of servers will appear empty.
D. During startup the administrative client will ask the user to define a schema since it was missing during installation.
Answer: C

20. An administrator wants to configure a federated search including a DB2 Content Manager server on an iSeries platform. Which of the following files will need to be updated?
A. frnolint.tbl
B. cmbicmenv.ini
C. cmbicmsrvs.ini
Answer: A

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