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IBM C2040-988 Exam -

Free C2040-988 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
Jon, the Sametime administrator, wishes to push plug-in updates to his users for the Sametime Connect client. Which of the following is the type of file that must be specified in the Sametime server configuration to provide update information to the clients?
A. site.xml
B. client.xml
C. plugin.xml
D. update.xml
Answer: A

Q: 2
To retrieve the build number of the Sametime Community server, Karen performs which of the following?
A. She types 'Show Build' from the Domino server console
B. From a browser, she navigates to http://servername/sametime/buildinfo.txt
C. She opens the STCONFIG.NSF database from a browser and clicks the server information link
D. She opens theSametime Administration Tool from a browser and uses the Server Information- Server Build
Answer: B

Q: 3
You installed the IBM Lotus Sametime System console on Windows and want to administer your Sametime 8.5 servers. What the web address would you use to get to your Sametime System Console?
A. http://serverhostname.domain:8700/ibm/console
B. http://serverhostname.domain:8500/ibm/webadmin
C. http://serverhostname.domain:8700/sametime/console
D. http://serverhostname.domain:8000/ibm/adminconsole
Answer: A

Q: 4
Which of the following is the message that checks the connectivity between Lotus Sametime Connect and the Community server and allows you to get timely notification if you are disconnected from the Communty server ?
A. Keepalive signal
B. Community polling
C. Location awareness
D. Connectivity status
Answer: A

Q: 5
If you are configuring the Lotus Sametime Media Manager to use SSL (Secure Socket Layer), you must do the following:
A. Cross certify youSametime System Console with Sametime Community server
B. Make sure the server's certificate has been added to theSametime System Console's trust store.
C. Select that the server uses TLS in theSametime Media Manager connection properties in the Sametime System console.
D. Complete the Guided Activity for setting up SSL on theSametime Media Manager and restart the Sametime System Console.
Answer: B

Q: 6
Global Connection settings in Sametime Connect control which of the following?
A. The settings for saving passwords and usernames in the client
B. The settings for plug-in download sites and interval to check for updates
C. The settings for voice connections that are retrieved from theSametime server
D. The settings that become the default for each community unless specifically overwritten
Answer: D

Q: 7
Jim is begining his Sametime 8.5 deployment starting with the installation of DB2. Each of the following statements are correct regarding installing, EXCEPT?
A. The DB2 server can be installed on a dedicated host machine.
B. The DB2 user account must be created before the installation.
C. The minimum required space in the Temp folder for installing DB2 is 1 GB.
D. The DB2 server can be installed on the same host as the Sametime Solutions Console.
Answer: B

Q: 8
Mark is the Sametime administrator for a large organization using a high number of Sametime Meetings. He wants to prevent the Meeting Room Center from showing more than 20 Sametime Meeting Rooms at once. How can Mark make these changes?
A. Setmeetingroomcenter.maxRoomsPerPage =20 in the STMeetings.xml configuration file
B. Create a Policy and edit the Max Number of Rooms per Page for all authenticated users
C. Usingmeetingroomcenter.maxRoomsPerPage under the Sametime Meeting Server Configuration
D. Setmeetingroomcenter.maxRoomsPerPage =20 in the Home_MeetingRoom.jsp configuration file
Answer: C

Q: 9
By default, in the General Properties section of Configuring the Sametime Proxy Server, the field to specify Sametime cluster names is blank. Which is the best description of when it is appropriate to leave this field blank?
A. The situations described in options B, C, and D
B. You only have one LotusSametime Community Server deployed
C. You only have one LotusSametime Community Server cluster deployed
D. You want to connect to all LotusSametime Community Servers simultaneously
Answer: A

Q: 10
With a Sametime Community server utilizing LDAP servers as the authenticating sources, which of the following is the order in which directory lookups are performed?
A. Sametime clients connect directly to the LDAP server
B. Sametime clients connect to the Sametime server. The Sametime Community server redirects the Sametime client to connect directly to the LDAP server
C. Sametime clients connect to the Sametime server. The Sametime Community server establishes a network connection to the LDAP server and passes the Sametime client to the LDAP server
D. Sametime clients connect to the Sametime server. The Sametime Community server establishes a network connection to the LDAP server and performs searches and authentication on behalf of the Sametime clients
Answer: D

Q: 11
By Default the Sametime 8.5 Meeting room server allows guest access to the meetings. What setting is required to prevent guest access?
A. Allow guest access should be set to no in the Meetings policy
B. The LDAP directory should be set to not allow anonymous access.
C. meetingroomcenter.allowGuestAccess should be set to 0 in the Meeting Server configuration in the Sametime System Console.
D. The administrator can set themeetingroomcenter.passwords in the meeting server's server configuration in the Sametime System Console.
Answer: C

Q: 12
Bill, the Sametime Administrator has Sametime 7.5.1 Connect Clients that he plans to upgrade to Sametime 8.5. What precautions should he be aware of before he upgrades?
A. The existing install directory from his 7.5.1 client should not be used
B. The privacy information will be lost if the privacy upgrade tool is not run
C. Thebuddylist information will be lost if the buddy conversion tool is not run
D. The install directory should be manually changed to the existing 7.5.1 directory
Answer: A

Q: 13
Users are actively attending scheduled Sametime Classic meetings with no issues. During the meeting, teams are created to work on certain projects. Team leaders begin to create chat-only breakout meetings. However, some team leaders are unable to successfully create the breakout meetings. Which of the following best represents the reason that they were unsuccessful?
A. The policies for some team leaders do not allow instant meetings.
B. The unsuccessful team leaders do not have video cameras attached to their systems.
C. You have administratively limited the number of breakout meetings on the meeting server.
D. The meeting moderator did not properly assign some team leaders the rights to create the chatonly breakout meetings.
Answer: A

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