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IBM C2040-928 Exam -

Free C2040-928 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
For draft items, each of the characteristics are true, except which one?
A. Cancelling a draft is essentially the same as deleting a draft because all the changes made to the item are discarded.
B. For draft items in a project that are ready to be published, the draft remains in a pending state until all items in the project are ready to bepublished.
C. Draft items are only displayed in the Authoring portlet and are not rendered within the published website.
D. Even if a published item has more than one draft, the Manage Drafts button is displayed only on the published version of the item.
Answer: D

Q: 2
The following statements about mapping site areas, authoring templates and presentation templates are all true, except:
A. Template maps assigned in site areas will override those set in authoring templates.
B. Two items using different authoring templates can be displayed using the same presentation template if both authoring templates are mappedto the same presentation template.
C. The presentation template used by each item will be determined by the authoring template the item used, and the location of the item in the siteframework.
D. A content item can be displayed using two different presentation templates. The web content library is configured to allow this.
Answer: D

Q: 3
A content item named "News List" has been created in the "News" Site Area, which also contains other news related content items. The "News List" content item uses a menu component named "News Menu" to display a listing of content items in the "News" Site Area. Since the "New List" content item also exists within this site, how can the content author prevent the "News List" content item from being displayed in the menu list?
A. Leave the "current content" field in the menu design properties section of the menu component empty so no output will be rendered.
B. Enable the "Exclude current content from results" option in the menu component.
C. Adjust the sort order to "ascending by type" and choose to render the menu list at the second content item.
D. Adjust the sort order to "descending by type" and choose to render the menu list at the second content item.
Answer: B

Q: 4
Abi is a developer. The HR department wants to create job postings that are made available on both the company intranet and public websites. Because the two sites look different, the postings need to have different visual representations on the each of the sites. Which one of the following statements allows her to accomplish this task?
A. Create different sets of presentation templates and authoring templates for each site area.
B. Create different presentation templates and configure each site area to use the appropriate presentation template.
C. Create different authoring templates and configure each site area to use the appropriate authoring template.
D. Create different HTML components and configure each site area to use the appropriate HTML components.
Answer: B

Q: 5
Tom wants to write out a fully qualified URL to a content item being viewed through a portal.
Which one of the following tags allows him to retrieve the protocol, host name, and port information for the URL?
A. [pathcmpnt tag="base"/]
B. [pathcmpnt tag="noprefixbase"/]
C. [path tag="base"/]
D. [path tag="noprefixbase"/]
Answer: B

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