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IBM C2040-423 Exam -

Free C2040-423 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
Isabel wants to display different content automatically to users, depending on their group access.
Which IBM WebSphere Portal feature should Isabel use to configure this objective?
A. dynamic Ul
B. preferences
C. customization
D. personalization
Answer: D

Q: 2
Ella developed a custom application object to extend the Personalization engine with a custom user attribute.
The custom class was packaged into a JAR file archive and placed on the server. Then, the portal was restarted.
What must Ella do before she can create a business rule using the new user attribute?
A. Add the attribute directly to the page.
B. Add a Resource Collection to the Personalization engine.
C. Add the Application Object to the Personalization engine.
D. "Show Rule Mappings" needs to be enabled on the portlet.
Answer: C

Q: 3
A developer wants to add two portlet preferences to his portlet application.
Which file is the correct location to insert the preferences?
A. web.xml
B. portlet.xml
C. application.xml
D. preferences.xml
Answer: B

Q: 4
James is developing a portlet and wants to share the cache entry across all users upon certain conditions.
What is a valid way to accomplish his goal?
A. Add the conditions in the doView method and set the cache scope to public in the request.
B. Add the conditions in the doview method and set the cache scope to public in the response.
C. Add the conditions in the doHeade rs method and set the cache scope to public in the request.
D. Add the conditions in the doHeaders method and set the cache scope to public in the response.
Answer: D

Q: 5
What is the mechanism that enables a portlet installed on a remote IBM WebSphere Portal server to be added to and displayed
on a page in a local WebSphere Portal server?
A. Impersonation
B. Remote Web Services
C. Remote Deployment for Portlets
D. Web Services for Remote Portlets
Answer: D

Q: 6
Which statement is true regarding the processAction lifecycle method?
A. It generates the HTML page for the portal.
B. It generates the HTML fragment for the portlet
C. It can publish an event by calling the setEvent method.
D. It can handle an event that is published by another portlet.
Answer: B

Q: 7
Kaveri needs to develop a portletthat uses Ajax Proxy to get the news feed from the URL dw_dwtp.rss.
The following configuration information is present in the proxy-config.xml:
<mapping contextpath="/devworks" url=""/>
Which is the correct URL to use in the Ajax call?
A. news/dw_dwtp.rss
B. http://myportaLcom:10040Avps/proxy/ devworks/news/dw_dwtp.rss
C. www.ibmxom/ developerworks/news/dw_dwtp.rss
D. http://myportaLcom:10040/wps/devworks/http/
Answer: D

Q: 8
Which two options are valid uses of the XML Configuration interface? (Choose two.)
A. Install a portlet.
B. Clone a skin module.
C. Delete a shared library.
D. Back up an IBM WebSphere Portal server configuration.
E. Export all property files from a WebSphere Portal server.
Answer: D, E

Q: 9
Which is true about the Cache Manager Service resource environment provider in IBM WebSphere Portal?
A. It can be used to manage the cache scope of a portlet.
B. It can be used to manage different caches used by WebSphere Portal.
C. It can be used to define the cache mechanism of a WebSphere Portal page.
D. It can be used to define the cache strategy of the WebSphere Portal's theme.
Answer: B

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