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IBM C2040-416 Exam -

Free C2040-416 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
For which three objects types are custom fields available? (Choose three.)
A. role
B. facility
C. survey
D. workflow
E. curriculum
F. organization
Answer: A,D,E

Q: 2
What happens when an LMS user tries to delete an equipment category which contains equipment items?
A. It is not possible to delete the category that contains equipment items.
B. The category and all equipment belonging to the category will be deleted.
C. The category will be removed from the Equipment Profiles of all equipment belonging to the category.
D. It depends on whether equipment belonging to the category is being assigned to any session.
Answer: D

Q: 3
Which three LCMS elements are part of the "interactive" element category? (Choose three.)
A. Drag and Drop
B. Mouseover Element
C. Media Element
D. Survey element
E. Simulation Element
F. Glossary Element
G. Command Element
H. Reference Element
Answer: B,D,E

Q: 4
In order for all learners to view the exact same LCMS assessment, which rules would be required? (Choose five.)
A. Assessment Object Rules do not allow "Shuffle"
B. Assessment Elements are set to Mandatory
C. Assessment Elements are inserted by Pasting as a Link
D. Shuffling is set to "Defer to Question"
E. Assessment Question Pool is set to Build Once
F. Shuffle is set to "Do Not Shuffle"
G. Assessment Section Rules is set to do not allow "Shuffle"
H. Assessment Elements are set to "Not Shuffled"
Answer: B,E,F,G,H

Q: 5
If an LMS training administrator is responsible for catalog management, what catalog responsibilities does a system administrator have?
A. Delete catalogs
B. Create catalogs
C. Add courses to catalogs
D. Make the catalog feature available
Answer: B

Q: 6
Which LMS survey type is available for selection?
A. Criteria Evaluation
B. Course Evaluation
C. Custom Evaluation
D. Curricula Evaluation
Answer: B

Q: 7
Which due date option is available when creating an LMS online offering?
A. Offset from an exact date
B. Offset from availability date
C. Offset from enrollment date
D. Offset from course profile date
Answer: C

Q: 8
Where can you pre-define export options?
A. Filter Utility
B. Mapping Utility
C. Publishing Profiles Utility
D. Advanced Search Utility
Answer: D

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