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IBM C2040-407 Exam -

Free C2040-407 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
What is the operating system requirement to be able to utilize IBM Notes Shared Login on users' machines?
A. The user can run any supported operating system.
B. The user must run a supported 64-bit only operating system.
C. The user must have administrative rights on the operating system.
D. The user must run a supported Microsoft Windows operating system.
Answer: D

Q: 2
In an IBM Domino environment with password checking turned on, a user is unable to access the server once his/her password is reset via the IBM Notes ID vault because of the following error:
"You have a different password on another copy of your ID file and you must change the password on this copy to match". What can an administrator do to solve the problem?
A. Replicate the ID vault database.
B. Instruct the user to change the password on his/her local user ID.
C. Clear the password digest field located in the user's Person document.
D. Reset the password again via the Notes ID vault and make sure the reset action is successful.
Answer: C

Q: 3
What does the Protected Groups feature allow?
A. Protects specified groups from being accidentally deleted.
B. Prevents internal reply all mail from being sent to specified groups.
C. Protects specified mail in databases from being included in internal mailings.
D. Protects specified groups from being programmatically deleted using the IBM Notes API.
Answer: A

Q: 4
Kim is configuring key rollover settings for users in the organization. She has already specified the existing key strength and age that will trigger a user key rollover. What is another trigger Kim can set to initiate user key rollover?
A. The location of the stored key set.
B. The creation date of the existing key.
C. The certifier used to create the original key.
D. The IBM Notes client version authenticating with the server.
Answer: B

Q: 5
Where is the display name portion of a sender's SMTP e-mail address set?
A. This is assigned in the mail settings policy.
B. This is assigned in email preferences in the IBM Notes client.
C. This is assigned by the "RFC822 phrase handling" setting in the user's Location document.
D. This is assigned by the "RFC822 phrase handling" setting on the Configuration Settings document of the server.
Answer: D

Q: 6
Which is true regarding IBM Notes Traveler?
A. Traveler must be administered from a web browser and can't be administered using the IBM Domino Administration client.
B. Traveler can be administered from the Domino Administration client only for High Availability (HA) pool configurations.
C. Traveler can be administered from the Domino Administration client in both standalone server configurations as well as in HA pool configurations.
D. Traveler can be administered from a web browser. Web-based administration is available in both standalone server configurations as well as in HA pool configurations.
Answer: D

Q: 7
What three things is IBM Lotus Protector typically used for? (Choose three.)
A. load balancing
B. content filtering
C. spam protection
D. network resilience
E. intrusion prevention
F. hardware failure protection
Answer: B,C,E

Q: 8
Craig has noticed a lot of incoming unsolicited e-mail is being generated from IP addresses beginning with the numbers 214.132.55. What should the entry in the "Deny connections from the following SMTP internet hostnames/IP addresses" field in the server's Configuration document be to prevent all of these IP addresses from connecting?
A. [214.132.55.*]
D. []
Answer: A

Q: 9
What document can be used to allow IBM Domino to receive e-mail addressed to more than one SMTP domain?
A. Internet Site document
B. Global Domain document
C. Adjacent Domain document
D. Foreign SMTP Domain document
Answer: B

Q: 10
Greg is enabling Message tracking for server1/Renovations in the Configuration settings document. Which entry should Greg include in the "Don't track messages for" field?
A. ISpy on server1
B. SMTP on server1
C. NRPC on server1
D. MTSTORE on server1
Answer: A

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