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IBM C2020-205 Exam -

Free C2020-205 Sample Questions:

1. Which statement is true when upgrading Controller 8.x to a later version?
A. All application data will be erased.
B. The older version of Controller must be uninstalled.
C. The Application Database(s) must be empty.
D. The COM+ Controller Application settings will remain intact.
Answer: B

2. Which Browser setting is required for accessing Cognos 8 and Controller?
A. Allow Cookies
B. Download signed ActiveX controls
C. Allow anonymous logon
D. Access data sources across domains
Answer: A

3. When configuring the Controller database, what should the installer do if the database is new and empty?
A. Start the Controller service before configuring the database.
B. Click the Run Steps before clicking Create DB.
C. Click the Repair button before clicking Run Steps.
D. Click the Create DB button before clicking Run Steps.
Answer: D

4. In a multi-server installation, on which server should the Controller Standard Reports Package (Deployment Archive) be installed?
A. Gateway
B. Report Server
C. Web Service Server
D. Content Manager
Answer: D

5. The Cognos8/Controllerhelp virtual directory points to which of the following locations?
A. Webcontent
B. Webcontent\Documentation
C. Cognos8\help
Answer: A

6. What is the Redirect location for the Controller virtual directory?
A. /cognos8
B. /ControllerServer/bin
C. /cognos8/controllerbin/ccr.exe
D. Http://<ServerName>/Cognos8/ControllerHelp
Answer: C

7. To successfully use Oracle as the Controller Content Store database, what must be Unicode?
A. DBMS_LOCK Characters
B. NLS_Database_Parameter
Answer: C

8. The SQL Server login for the Controller database must be a member of which database role?
A. DB_DDLAdmin
B. DB_DataReader
C. DB_DataWriter
D. DB_Owner
Answer: D

9. Which Content Store database does not require additional database client components to be installed?
A. SQL Server
B. Oracle 10g
C. Sybase
D. DB2
Answer: A

10. In a multi-server installation, on which server must the Cognos Connection Integration Enabler be installed?
A. Gateway
B. Report Server
C. Web Services Server
D. Content Manager
Answer: B

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