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IBM C2020-180 Exam -

Free C2020-180 Sample Questions:

1. Which of the following must be moved manually instead of as part of a Cognos 8 deployment package?
A. report output versions
B. run history
C. schedules
D. system.xml
Answer: D

2. Which of the following describes the major steps in the deployment process for a Cognos 8 BI application and their proper order?
A. Plan, verify, and customize
B. Move, customize, and verify
C. Plan, move, and secure
D. Plan, move, and verify
Answer: D

3. Which service is required when a user views saved report output?
A. presentation service
B. report data service
C. report service
D. batch report service
Answer: A

4. All of the following are considered part of the analyze phase of a BI development project EXCEPT:
A. Conduct a readiness assessment
B. Analyze solution scope
C. Determine detailed requirements
D. Create a logical data model
Answer: D

5. Which of the following is a common mistake made by designers when creating dimension models?
A. Including alternate heirarchies.
B. Including multiple date/time heirarchies.
C. Splitting a single dimension into multiple dimensions.
D. Adding dimensions and measures from other subject areas.
Answer: D

6. Which of the following allows greatest flexibility in formatting but generally has the lowest interactivity with the users?
A. Analysis
B. Query
C. Dashboards
D. Managed Reports
Answer: D

7. Which of the following BEST describes the group of users who would typically use these Cognos 8 components: Metric Studio, Analysis Studio, and Query Studio?
A. Executives
B. Analysts and Authors
C. Knowledge workers and decision makers
D. Information Consumers
Answer: C

8. Which of the following is NOT a critical feature or function of a scorecard?
A. Targets
B. Projections
C. Tolerances
D. Histories
Answer: B

9. Which combination of Cognos 8 components is considered the BEST fit for addressing the needs of company executives?
A. Analysis Studio reports and Query Studio
B. Metric Studio scorecards and Event Studio jobs
C. Report Studio reports and Query Studio
D. Metric Studio scorecards and Report Studio dashboards
Answer: D

10. Using the diagram below to install and configure Cognos 8 BI, which of the following components will NOT address automatic failover?

A. Cognos 8 BI Content Manager (Active)
B. Cognos 8 BI Content Manager (Passive)
C. Cognos 8 BI Report Server
D. Cognos 8 BI Gateway
Answer: D

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