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IBM C2010-657 Exam -

Free C2010-657 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
Which file can be modified to ensure that the proxy server is configured in the interfaces?
A. omni.dat
B. NCOMS.props
C. NCO_PROXY.props
D. interfaces <architecture>
Answer: A

Q: 2
What is the correct path for upgrading from WebGUI V7.3.1 running TIP V2.1 to WebGUI V7.4?
A. It is not possible to run an upgrade from WebGUI V7.3.1 to the V7.4 release.
B. Run an in-place upgrade of WebGUI V7.3.1 using the WebGUI V7.4 installer.
C. Upgrade TIP V2.1 using the TIP V2.2.0.1 feature pack. Then run an in-place upgrade of WebGUI V7.3.1 using theWebGUI V7.4 installer.
D. Run an in-place upgrade of WebGUI V7.3.1 using the WebGUI V7.4 installer. Then upgrade the TIP V2.1 using the TIPV2.2.0.1 feature pack.
Answer: C

Q: 3
The WAAPI host, port, username, password is configured in which file?
A. $NCHOME/omnibus_webgui/etc/waapi.init
B. $NCHOME/omnibus_webgui/etc/server.init
C. $NCHOME/omnibus_webgui/waapi/etc/waapi.init
D. $NCHOME/omnibus_webgui/waapi/etc/server.init
Answer: C

Q: 4
A company has a virtual pair of ObjectServers with the primary located in New York ( 4100), the backup in Sacramento ( 4100), and the WebGUI is in San Francisco ( 16311). The administrator has these requirements:
- A custom WebGUI view that is accessible by all users will be created to display the events
- A custom filter will show events that happened within the last 30 minutes where the hostnames start with an alphabetic character and the severity of the data is higher than minor
- A map will provide a geographic representation of the cities, will open an Active Event List, and embed in a SmartPage
The administrator has created the SmartPage in
<TIPHOME>/profiles/TIPProfile/installedApps/TIPCell/ isc.ear/OMNIbusWebGUI war/SmartPages/index.html.
How would the page be accessed using a browser?
A. 16311/ibm/console/index.html
B. 16311/ibm/console/webtop/index.html
C. 16311/ibm/console/webgui/SmartPages/index.html
D. 16311/ibm/console/webtop/SmartPages/index.html
Answer: D

Q: 5
What must be done to the IBM Tivoli Netcool/OMNIbus ObjectServer to enable FIPS 140 to be used within the deployment?
A. no additional tasks are required for FIPS 140
B. everything must be re-encrypted with nco_keygen
C. everything must be re-encrypted with nco_g_crypt
D. everything must be re-encrypted with nco_aes_crypt with the-140 option
Answer: B

Q: 6
Which three statements are true regarding a WebGUI load balancing cluster? (Choose three.)
A. An IBM DB2 database is required.
B. If a node within a cluster fails, new user sessions are directed to other active nodes.
C. WebGUI load balancing can be configured as an option during WebGUI installation if a database is available.
D. If a node in the cluster fails, active sessions on that node are automatically transferred to other active nodes.
E. If a node in the cluster fails, users who are in session with that node must log back in to access the WebGUI.
F. If a node in the cluster fails, users who are in session with that node are automatically directed to other active nodes
Answer: A,B,E

Q: 7
Server communication for an admin client can be set up in which three ways? (Choose three.)
A. run nco_xigen in UNIX/Linux
B. use the Servers Editor in Windows
C. manually edit the sql.ini in Windows
D. manually edit the interfaces.[arch] file
E. add servers to system environment variables
F. select Add Server in the Administrator Client
Answer: A,B,C

Q: 8
According to the best practices hardware sizing guide, how many cores should be provisioned for a listening type probe?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
Answer: B

Q: 9
What is the effect of setting these ObjectServer properties prior to starting the ObjectServer?
NHttpd.EnableHTTP : TRUE
NHttpd.ListeningPort : 8080
A. It defines whether the embedded HTTPD server will serve files from its document root.
B. It configures the embedded HTTP server so that the interfaces are active on an HTTP port (8080).
C. It configures the embedded HTTP server so that the interfaces are active on an HTTPS port (8080).
D. IT defines the security realm name of the basic HTTP authentication value that is returned to a HTTP request in a HTTP(401) response when invalid or no credentials are provided.
Answer: B

Q: 10
Which statement correctly describes what occurs when the Maintain History option is selected in the Accelerated Event Notification (AEN) client property settings?
A. A log file is created which contains a record of all AEN messages received by the client.
B. It prevents the AEN pop-up message from being automatically removed from the desktop.
C. A copy of each message received by the client is retained, and the message maybe recalled.
D. A journal entry is created for the corresponding event in the ObjectServer when the message is received by the AENclient.
Answer: C

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