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CompTIA BR0-003 Exam -

Free BR0-003 Sample Questions:

1.Bluetooth is a _____ technology.
A. Satellite
B. Microwave
C. Light wave
D. Radio Frequency
Answer: D

2 .POST errors in the 17xx range generally indicate _______ errors.
B. Floppy disk drive
C. Motherboard
D. Hard disk drive
Answer: D

3.________ are often used to organize and index the information or prices of objects.
A. Object codes
B. Bar codes
C. References
D. Notes
Answer: B

4. Identify whether the given statement is true or false.
"POST errors in the 600-699 range generally indicate Floppy disk drive errors."
A. True
B. False
Answer: A

5 .Which of the following storage devices is not an example of an optical storage device?
A. Blu-Ray
Answer: C

6 ._______ is commonly performed on CPUs and video cards to allow users to get enhanced performance.
A. Hyperthreading
B. Duplexing
C. Caching
D. Overclocking
Answer: D

7._________ enables a computer processor to process two sets of instructions at the same time.
A. Multi-tasking
B. Hyper-threading
C. Hyper-caching
D. Caching
Answer: B

8._________ is a technique used for illumination behind the liquid crystal display t hat makes LCDs easier to read.
A. Frontlight
B. Backup Power
C. Cathode ray tube
D. Backlight
Answer: D

9.What does DVI stand for?
A. Dual Visual Interface
B. Display Vertical Interface
C. Digital Visual Interface
D. Digital Vision Interchange
Answer: C

10.The Serial ATA (SATA) cables can extend up to ________.
A. 10 meters
B. 5 meters
C. 1 meter
D. 100 meters
E. 15 meters
Answer: C

11._______ is software that is stored in a computer's read -only memory (ROM) and remains stored in it regardless of whether it is on or off.
A. Freeware
B. Adware
C. Firmware
D. Shareware
Answer: C

12.Identify whether the statement given below is true or false.
"ECC memory is more expensive than Non-ECC memory."
A. False
B. True
Answer: B

13.USB 2.0 supports a maximum data transfer speed of ______ Mbps.
A. 12
B. 80
C. 480
D. 10
Answer: C

14.Which of the following computer ports supports hot swapping?
D. PS/2
Answer: B

15.Serial ATA (SATA) uses a ______ wire interface that creates a point -to-point connection between devices.
A. Twenty-Five
B. Forty
C. Sixteen
D. Seven
Answer: D

16.________ systems can identify individuals with a high degree of certainty.
A. Encryption
B. Biometric
C. Password Authentication
D. Digital
Answer: B

17.Identify whether the statement given below is true or false.
"Gas-Plasma displays require more power than LCDs."
A. False
B. True
Answer: B

18.What does ECC stand for?
A. Error-Checking Code
B. Extended-Checking Code
C. Error-Correction Code
D. Enhanced-Correction Code
Answer: C

19.which of the following actions will you not take before beginning installation or removal of any NON-PNP hardware device inside the computer case?
A. Place all the hardware components in static proof bags.
B. Remove all the jumpers from the motherboard.
C. Switch off the main power and remove the power cord.
D. Use an anti-static wrist strap.
E. Turn off the computer.
F. Place the computer on the anti-static mat.
Answer: B

20.Which of the following components of a laptop is NOT upgradeable?
A. Ethernet LAN card
B. Motherboard
C. Hard disk
Answer: B

21._________ allows a laptop to connect to other devices such as monitor, printer, etc.
A. Docking station
B. Switch
C. Router
D. Hub
Answer: A

22.In _______ technology, two separate and complete processing units run in parallel on a Single chip.
A. Hyper-threading
B. Caching
C. Multi-tasking
D. Dual-core
Answer: D

23.Generally a hard disk drive has multiple disks, known as ________.
A. Cartridges
B. Spindle motors
C. Sectors
D. Platters
Answer: D

24.The _______ expansion slot provides faster video performance.
Answer: B

25.Athlon 64 and ________ are examples of AMD processors that use the AMD64 architecture.
A. Xeon
B. Pentium
C. Celeron
D. Opteron
Answer: D

26.What does AMR stand for?
A. Audio Modem Riser
B. Audio Modem Rectifier
C. Audio Multiplication Rectifier
D. Audio Modern Riser
Answer: A

27.Which of the following devices will be plugged into an AGP slot on a motherboard?
A. Video card
B. Sound card
C. Modem card
D. Network card
E. Magic I/O card
Answer: A

28.Which of the following statements about an LCD screen is not true?
A. An LCD screen consumes more power than a CRT screen.
B. An LCD screen display may present high-quality images but only to viewers sitting directly in fron of the screen.
C. Currently, all laptops use LCD screens.
D. An LCD screen is considerably more expensive than a CRT screen.
Answer: A

29.Which of the following is a pointing device offered in laptops?
A. Light pen
B. Mouse
C. Optical mouse
D. Touch pad
Answer: D

30.Identify whether the given statement is true or false.
"POST errors in the 600-799 range generally indicate Floppy disk drive errors."
A. False
B. True
Answer: A

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