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Cognos BI0-150 Exam -

Free BI0-150 Sample Questions:

1. Are you an:
A. IBM Customer
B. IBM Partner
C. IBM Employee
Answer: A

2. If you are successful with this exam, do you agree to have your name made available to relevent IBM personnel for project staffing?.
A. Yes
B. No

3. Which of the following is true when Cognos 8 gateway receives a request?
A. Requests are passed directly to the Cognos content manager.
B. A connection is created to the database server.
C. The requests are directed to Access Manager.
D. Passwords are encrypted to ensure security.
Answer: D

4. Which of the following is true about Cognos 8 dispatchers?
A. Requests can be routed to specific dispatchers based on packages or user group requirements.
B. Each Java Virtual Machine (JVM) can have multiple dispatchers.
C. The administrator must register a new dispatcher manually.
D. Dispatchers cannot be managed as part of a folder set.
Answer: A

5. What is a portlet?
A. The routing subsection of a listener port.
B. A mechanism for displaying web content as part of a portal page.
C. A credential that is stored on the Web server.
D. A credential that is stored for the session only.
Answer: B

6. What is true about the Cognos gateway?
A. It can reside on multiple web servers in a single environment.
B. Improbability Drive Algorithms (IDA) are used to detect intrusions.
C. ISAPI is the default gateway.
D. It must be installed on the user's desktop.
Answer: A

7. What communication protocol is used between the Web Server and the Cognos 8 dispatcher?
Answer: C

8. Which Cognos 8 Service runs outside the servlet container?
A. Job Service
B. Delivery Service
C. Data Integration
D. Report Service
Answer: D

9. Which Cognos 8 Service makes external JNI calls?
A. Content Manager
B. Web gateway
C. Bootstrap Service
D. Presentation Service
Answer: A

10. Which driver does a Content Manager use to communicate to an Oracle Content Store?
Answer: C

11. On the customer's Content Manager Server, the IT department has installed the 64bit
Oracle Client. What best describes the use of a 64bit Oracle Client with the Cognos 8 product?
A. Cognos 8 may use the 64bit client drivers to connect to the data stores.
B. Cognos 8 may use the 64bit client drivers for connecting to the content store.
C. Cognos products must use the provided 32bit drivers, even if a 64bit client is installed.
D. The 64bit Client should be uninstalled and a 32bit Client installed in its place.
Answer: C

12. Which DB2 environment variables are required for a UNIX Cognos 8 install?
Answer: A

13. What occurs if Cognos 8 is installed and configured to use an existing content store that is for an earlier version of ReportNet?
A. A Memory Leak will slowly consume all the database memory.
B. A Cognos 8 will automatically upgrade the old schema to the new Cognos 8 version.
C. Cognos 8 will warn that an upgrade will occur and allow the old schema to be used.
D. The install will fail because older content must be imported into a new database.
Answer: B

14. Which Service must be running on a stand alone Content Manager machine?
A. Batch Report Service
B. Report Service
C. Dispatcher Service
D. Monitoring Service
Answer: C

15. What is true about Content Manager?
A. It requires a security namespace.
B. It builds inmemory cache.
C. It can only have one Standby and one Active.
D. It may be load balanced.
Answer: B

16. Which statement is true about Content Manager failover?
A. When the Active Content Manager fails, unsaved session data is lost.
B. The Cognos 8 gateway pings the Content Manager until no response is received. A "no ping" activates the standby.
C. The Content Manager pings the content store periodically to determine the status of the Content Manager.
D. Failover requires the administrator to restart the application servers.
Answer: A

17. When installing Content Manager to use a DB2 content store, what will the installation require?
A. Classes12.jar or OJDBC.jar copied into the Cognos 8 directories
B. A DB2 database and DB2 client on the Content Manager server
C. JSQLConnect.jar or generic JDBC driver copied into the Cognos 8 directories
D. DB2 client software and the DB2 JDBC driver on the Content Manager server
Answer: D

18. Which is true about Framework Manager installations?
A. It uses gateway, dispatcher, and log ports.
B. It uses Content Manager.
C. It is required on all Windows Cognos Application Servers.
D. It is required on the Gateway servers for Query Studio users.
Answer: A

19. When logging in to Cognos Connection, users cannot get beyond the Cognos splash screen. The technical specialist believes that a local browser setting is preventing access. What setting must be enabled on the browser for users to move beyond the Cognos splash screen?
A. META Refresh
B. Access data sources across domains
C. Download signed ActiveX controls
D. Automatic font download
Answer: A

20. When trying to access the Cognos 8 BI application, users are receiving a HTTP 404 error. What may be the cause of this error?
A. URL buffer length has been exceeded.
B. Too many users accessing the web page.
C. Cognos 8 virtual directories have not been created.
D. Access is being denied by security.
Answer: C

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