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Cognos BI0-142 Exam -

Free BI0-142 Sample Questions:

1. A scorecard application has been impmlemented using the balanced model, where four scorecards were created for each perspective. Which perspectives contain the following metrics?
defects per unit
number of returns
number of recalls

A. Financial and Customer
B. Customer and Internal Process
C. Internal Process and Learning and Growth
D. Financial and Learning and Growth
Answer: B

2. When a user clicks on a metric status, they are brought to the Details tab. What causes this behavior?
A. The metric is a calculated metric and therefore goes to the Details tab.
B. Five status indicators are being used which default to the Details tab from a metric status indicator.
C. The navigation path for metric status indicator is set to the Details tab.
D. The metric type metric status indicator view is set to the Details tab.
Answer: C

3. What must be created to get an accurate idea of customer satisfaction and how it rates against the organization's target and the competitors' ratings?
A. Create a benchmark column for the competitor's rating and create a customer satisfaction metric using performance pattern of 'Above target is positive'.
B. Create a stretch column for your customer satisfaction target and set the competitor's rating using performance pattern of 'Below target is positive'.
C. Create a customer satisfaction metric using performance pattern of 'Above target is positive' and set the target value as the competitor's rating.
D. Create a customer satisfaction metric using performance pattern of 'On target is positive', where the lower threshold is the customer's rating and the upper threshold is your stretch target.
Answer: A

4. A finance scorecard contains all the financial key performance indicators. Executives want the application to provide a status and a score for the overall Finance scorecard. How is this implemented?
A. Set the metric type business calendar rollup level as sum of individual values.
B. Create a group using the Majority Rules group status calculation on only the Finance scorecard.
C. Create a derived index metric on the Finance scorecard.
D. Create an impact diagram where the impacted metrics are all the metrics on the Finance scorecard.
Answer: C

5. Which of the following is a characteristic of five status indicators?
A. The metric administrator can set an option for how many states fall above or below on target state.
B. The number of statuses above on target depends on the metric type performance pattern of the metric.
C. The number of statuses above on target can be set to a value between 1 and 4.
D. The number of statuses above on target is the same as that below on target.
Answer: D

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