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Cognos BI0-130 Exam -

Free BI0-130 Sample Questions:

1. Which of the following techniques can be used to improve performance of PowerCubes in Cognos 8 BI?
A. Run the cube through the pcoptimizer utility that is shipped with Cognos 8 BI.
B. Enable the Allow dynamic usage of dimension information governor in Framework Manager.
C. Edit the EnablePCOptimizer entry in the Cognos.ini file so that its value=1, and then rebuild the cube.
D. Ensure that the Pass-through SQL setting is enabled on all regular dimensions in the Framework Manager model.
Answer: A

2. Which of the following utilities can be used to update PowerCubes without affecting users?
A. pcaccel.exe
B. CubeSwap.bat
C. RSUpgrade.bat
D. BMTScriptPlayer.exe
Answer: B

3. What is true of a Framework Manager model of an operational database lacking a time dimension?
A. Virtual star schema models require a time dimension for multi-fact queries.
B. Report authors cannot create multi-fact, time-based queries.
C. Time-based rollups for multi-fact queries may be difficult to handle.
D. Report authors cannot create multi-fact, time-based queries unless using a union.
Answer: C

4. What technique can Framework Manager modelers use to implement a time dimension for models that lack a time dimension?
A. Create relationships from date fields in one dimension to date fields in another dimension.
B. Use parameter maps to map date values in one query subject to date values in another query subject.
C. Use the Time Dimension wizard to generate a time dimension and create the appropriate relationships.
D. Identify a time dimension table source, import into the model and create relationships to fact query subjects.
Answer: D

5. In Framework Manager, when using star schema groupings in the business view, conformed dimensions can be identified by which one of the following?
A. Using a different query subject icon for display in the studios.
B. Viewing the properties of the query subjects in Report Studio.
C. Viewing the properties of the query subjects in Framework Manager.
D. Using the same name for the dimension in each star schema grouping.
Answer: D

6. If authors want to perform OLAP-style queries directly against a relational database, which Framework Manager modeling technique will a modeler use?
A. Create regular and measure dimensions and set scope.
B. Create shortcuts to regular dimensions and fact query subjects.
C. Create star schema groupings for dimension and fact query subjects.
D. Create relationships between regular dimensions and measure dimensions.
Answer: A

7. Which of the following is correct regarding the Cognos 8 security environment?
A. Cognos 8 must be configured to use only one authentication provider at a time
B. To perform authentication of users, a connection to the Cognos namespace must be defined
C. In Framework Manager, object security is implemented by defining access to objects for users, groups and roles defined in the authentication providers
D. In Framework Manager, object security is implemented by defining access to objects for groups and roles (of which users are members), not individual users
Answer: C

8. The groups and roles defined in the Cognos namespace can be used to assign access rights to which of the following Framework Manager objects?
A. Query items.
B. Data sources.
C. Relationships.
D. Parameter maps.
Answer: A

9. Which of the following statements is correct regarding the implementation of object security in Framework Manager?
A. Groups and roles can be created in the Cognos namespace when specifying access to objects.
B. Even when object security is applied, if anonymous access is configured, every object in a Framework Manager project is visible to everyone.
C. A user belongs to two groups. One of the groups is denied access to an object. The other group is granted access to the object. The result is that user has access to the object.
D. Granting access to an object for one user, group or role (except the Everyone and All Authenticated Users groups), implicitly denies access to that object for all other users, groups or roles.
Answer: D

10. In Report Studio, when would an author use the Condition Explorer?
A. To add a page set to a report.
B. To set the number of rows on a page.
C. To create a report title that changes according to a locale.
D. To navigate between report pages and prompt pages.
Answer: C

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