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ISEB BH0-009 Exam -

Free BH0-009 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
What are the key components of a Problem Statement?
A. Object and Deviation
B. Distinction and Change
C. Should and Actual
D. Choice word, Result and one or two key modifiers.
Answer: A

Q: 2
You have noticed over the last month that the main conference room on your floor is always too cold. In fact, it is so cold that it is impossible to complete meetings that last longer than thirty minutes. People have even started wearing gloves and scarves to meetings. You have tried
changing the setting on the thermostat, but that doesn’t seem to help. Which of the following is a Corrective Action?
A. Tell your co-workers to wear gloves to all meetings.
B. Buy a heater and put it in the conference room.
C. Call maintenance and get them to do a Problem Analysis
D. Move all your meetings to another conference room
Answer: C

Q: 3
Once you have found the cause of a problem, you should use Think Beyond the Fix to prevent recurrence. What are two ways to Think Beyond the Fix?
A. Extend the cause, extend the fix.
B. Identify likely causes, take preventive action.
C. Identify distinctions, identify changes.
D. Identify likely effects, plan contingent action.
Answer: A

Q: 4
The four areas that a successful troubleshooting implementation should address are:
A. Performance System Integration, Skill Development, Process Integration, On the job Coaching.
B. Management Systems, Call Handling Skills, Technical Knowledge, Troubleshooting Approach.
C. ITIL Training, Process Training, Process Integration, Technical Training.
D. Performance System Integration, Individual Development Planning, tooling, Technical Mentoring.
Answer: A

Q: 5
Ingrid has to decide which of three clerks who work for her should be promoted to supervisor.
They have all done excellent work as clerks, and they all deserve the extra money a promotion like this would provide. Ingrid should:
A. Give the position to the most senior employee, whether qualified or not.
B. Clarify the skills needed in the supervisor position, the skills possessed by the three clerks, and examine which clerk fits the needs the most closely
C. Maintain the status quo - the risk of promoting one clerk could upset the whole team
D. Advertise externally for senior clerks
Answer: B

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