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ISEB BH0-002 Exam -

Free BH0-002 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
The Internal Rate of Return is:

A. The Discount Rate which produces the highest NPV
B. The Discount Rate which produces the lowest NPV
C. The Discount Rate which matches the normal bank interest rate
D. The Discount Rate which produces a zero NPV

Answer: D

Q: 2
What is product based planning?

A. A technique that marketing departments use to launch new products and services.
B. A technique that seeks to identify tasks and activities
C. A technique that monitors the progress of the project
D. A technique that concentrates on the identification and definition of what the project is to deliver

Answer: D

Q: 3
Complete the following statement choosing the most appropriate option from those below. “The design authority is responsible for?”

A. Co-ordinating the overall programme and constituent projects
B. The programme
C. Business integrity within the programme
D. Technical integrity across projects

Answer: D

Q: 4
End Project Reviews should be used to:

A. Identify who was responsible for any failures
B. Consider support requirements
C. Capture lessons learned for future projects of a similar nature
D. Agree when the project team can be released for other work

Answer: C

Q: 5
Which of the following is NOT typically a component of a Project Initiation Document / Terms of Reference?

A. Detailed Analysis
B. Timescales
C. Risks
D. Objectives

Answer: A

Q: 6
Which level of plan forms the basis of the project manager’s day to day control?

A. Stage / Tranche
B. Individual
C. Project
D. Team

Answer: A

Q: 7
The primary objective of the configuration control process is to ensure that deliverables / products are:

A. Not changed once completed without approval
B. Logged at inception
C. Audited following changes
D. Given an unique ID

Answer: A

Q: 8
In a formal Quality Review who does NOT have an automatic right of attendance?

A. Administrator / Recorder
B. Qualified Reviewers
C. Deliverable producer or representative
D. Project Manager

Answer: D

Q: 9
Which of the following is NOT a formal Configuration Management process?

A. Control
B. Audits or Verification
C. Validation
D. Identification

Answer: C

Q: 10
The fact that a “today” is not worth the same as “ in the future results in the application of what to future monies?

A. Internal Rate of Return
B. Contingency
C. Inflation
D. Discount rate

Answer: D

Q: 11
“A typical plan at the business or strategy level will include the major deliverables to fulfill the strategy, the resource expenditure, a plan for the achievement of benefits, and” Which of the following completes this statement?

A. The programme reporting arrangements to be used
B. A description of the techniques used in the preparation of the plans
C. The plans of the portfolio projects
D. The major milestones or events

Answer: B

Q: 12
The business case is assessed:

A. Throughout the project
B. During feasibility
C. At major milestones
D. When major issues are encountered

Answer: C


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