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Veritas BE-100W Exam -

Free BE-100W Sample Questions:

NO 1.
Where in the job logs can you view error messages for Backup Exec jobs?

A. the job history top pane view
B. the bottom of the job log
C. the job history bottom pane view
D. the top of the job log

Answer: B

NO 2.
Which Backup Exec option enables the utilization of synthetic and off-host backups?

A. SAN Shared Storage Option (SSO)
B. Central Admin Server Option (CASO)
C. Advanced Disk-based Backup Option (ADBO)
D. Advanced Open File Option (AOFO)

Answer: C

NO 3.
One of your coworkers has moved to the sales department and will no longer be a network administrator. The former network administrator’s rights have been removed, and you have noticed that backup jobs are now failing.
How can you resolve the issue?

A. create a restricted and an unrestricted logon account; assign administrative permissions to these accounts
B. on each remote server, modify the remote agent service; change the service account to the system account.
C. update the logon account that contains the former administrator’s credentials, replacing them with a valid administrator account
D. change the Backup Exec services account to “Local System”

Answer: C

NO 4.
Given the following:
There are four tapes to use in a four-week cycle (one tape per week, Friday-Thursday).
A Full backup is scheduled to run every Friday night and is set to Overwrite only.
The current tape is ejected, and the next tape in the cycle is put in the tape drive every Friday.
A differential job is scheduled to run Monday-Thursday and is set to Append only.
After running through all four tapes in four weeks, the first tape from the cycle should ready for the Friday night overwrite job.
Which media set values for the Append and Overwrite Protection periods are correct to enforce this media rotation and allow the jobs to run as scheduled?

A. APPEND = 26 Days, OVERWRITE = 1 Day
B. APPEND = 21 Days, OVERWRITE = 6 Days
C. APPEND = 6 Days, OVERWRITE = 21 Days
D. APPEND = 6 Days, OVERWRITE = 26 Days

Answer: C

NO 5.
The backup fails with an “invalid schedule” message.
What could cause this to occur?

A. The Schedule type in the policy was set incorrectly to full schedule.
B. The resource for the backup job was unavailable at that time.
C. The backup was attempted after the daily time window was closed.
D. The resource order for the backup policy was set incorrectly.

Answer: C

NO 6.
Which two statements are true about the rename feature for a piece of media? (Choose two.)

A. For a rename operation, the new label is written to the media during the next overwrite operation.
B. Renaming enables you to change the name of the media without losing the current data on the tape.
C. Renaming causes the media to immediately be overwritten with the new name, and all data on the media is lost
D. Renaming enables you to immediately take the media to a new media server and see the new name displayed.

Answer: A, B

NO 7.
Given the following:
The Media Overwrite Option is set to “Overwrite scratch media before overwriting recyclable media contained in the targeted media set.”
Overwrite Protection Level is set to Full.
The targeted media set contains recyclable tapes.
Other media sets contain recyclable tapes.
Imported media is available for overwrite.
The Scratch media set contains tapes.
A backup job that is set to Overwrite begins.
Which media will be used?

A. scratch media
B. recyclable media from another media set
C. recyclable media in the targeted media set
D. Imported media will be moved to the targeted media set at the job launch.

Answer: A

NO 8.
Which button on the Navigation Bar does the backup administrator select to create a selection list?

A. Overview
B. Reports
C. Job Setup
D. Policy

Answer: C

NO 9.
You currently have a Windows 2000 server with Backup Exec 8.6 installed. You will be performing an upgrade of the operating system to Windows 2003 along with an upgrade of Backup Exec to 10.0
What is the recommended upgrade path?

A. upgrade Backup Exec to 10.0 first, and then upgrade the operating system to Windows 2003
B. upgrade the operating system to Windows 2003 first, and then upgrade Backup Exec to 10.0
C. upgrade Backup Exec to 9.1, upgrade Backup Exec to 10.0, and then upgrade the operating system to Windows 2003
D. upgrade the operating system to Windows 2003, upgrade Backup Exec to 9.1, and then upgrade Backup Exec to 10.0

Answer: A

NO 10.
A restore job fails with Access Denied errors.
Which action do you perform?

A. start the Backup Exec Remote Agent on the appropriate machine
B. enable restore rights in Logon Account Management for the appropriate account
C. check the Resource Credentials for the restore job and associate a set of credentials that has appropriate rights
D. change the logon account for the Backup Exec Remote Agent on the appropriate machine to an account that has appropriate rights.

Answer: C

NO 11.
You ran a backup job, and you want to be certain that the Advanced Open File Option (AOFO) was used to protect a particular volume. The job log settings were left at the default.
To find out if AOFO was used for the specified volume ______.

A. check the protected volume
B. review the AOFO report
C. review the AOFO column in the job monitor
D. review the job log

Answer: D

NO 12.
What are two ways to choose the view for selecting files to restore? (Choose two.)

A. click the Resource or Media radio button in the View by box in the Restore Selections screen
B. from the View Menu, choose Resource View or Media View
C. select Tools -> Options, choose the Restore screen, and then choose Media View or Resource View.
D. right-click inside a bland area of the restore selections screen and choose either Media View or Resource View

Answer: A, D

NO 13.
Which two statements are true concerning Resource Order in selection lists? (Choose two.)

A. Resource order cannot be changed after the selection list has been created.
B. You can order resources within a server.
C. Resource order can be modified at any time by editing the selection list.
D. You can alternate resources across servers.

Answer: B, C

NO 14.
Which two wizards does Backup Exec provide for adding storage locations to your media server? (Choose two.)

A. IDR Wizard
B. Device Configuration Wizard
C. Host Swappable Device Wizard
D. Policy Wizard
E. Backup Wizard

Answer: B, C

NO 15.
You just had a conference with the new CIO of your company. He has advised you that backups of your servers and workstations from different sites should be grouped together. The jobs need to have similar names, but also be distinguishable by site.
Which Backup Exec function will enable you to achieve what the CIO wants?

A. create one selection list for all servers and workstations
B. use policies to create a backup strategy
C. create one backup job and schedule it to run once a day
D. use the Backup Wizard to organize the jobs

Answer: B

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