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BlackBerry BCP-621 Exam -

Free BCP-621 Sample Questions:

1.After upgrading two Blackberry Enterprise Server i nstances to software version 5.0 services books and IT polices are automatically updated and sent to BlackBerry devices running which minimum version of BlackBerry Device Software? (Choose one)
A. 3.8 and above
B. 4.0 and above
C. 4.2 and above
D. 4.3 and above
E. 5.0 and above
Answer: B

2.Nextair Corporation has determined the hardware running BlackBerry Enterprise Server software version 4.1.6 will be insufficient to handle version 5.0. They pla n to perform a cutover upgrade using the existing SQL database. What is an advantage of implementing this strategy? (Choose one)
A. There is no downtime for other BlackBerry Enterprise Server software version 4.1.6 instances sharing the same SQL database
B. They will save the cost of an additional SRP Iden tifier
C. There is no need to back up the database prior to upgrade
D. The SQL database must be hosted locally to the BlackBerry Enterprise Server
Answer: B

3.Management has requested that the ability to activate BlackBerry devices on the BlackBerry Enterprise Server be restricted to approved BlackBerry device mo dels only. What can be used to accommodate this request? (Choose one)
A. IT Policy
B. PIN to Model Mapping
C. Enterprise Service Policy
D. Application Control Policy
E. Group Filter
Answer: C

4.One thousand BlackBerry 8830 devices have been sent to the employees in the regional offices and the BlackBerry device users will be issued enterprise a ctivation passwords next week.
Management would like to prevent unneeded wireless data charges . What can be done to ensure this mass enterprise activation process uses as little wireless data as possible? (Choose one)
A. Set the 'Disable Wireless Activations' IT policy to 'True'
B. Set the 'Disable Wireless Bulk Loads' IT policy to 'True'
C. Set the 'Disable Enterprise Activation Progress' IT policy to 'True'
D. Set theisable Wireline Activations' IT policySet the ?isable Wire line Activations' IT policy to 'True'
Answer: B

5.Which tool can be used to help control the amount of data the BlackB erry Synchronization Service sends after an upgrade to BlackBerry Enterprise Server sof tware version 5.0 is complete? (Choose one)
A. SBInjector
B. PolcTrait
C. TraitTool
D. SBThrottle
E. SyncControl
Answer: C

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