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BlackBerry BCP-421 Exam -

Free BCP-421 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
Which three of the following BlackBerry Enterprise Server components can be installed remotely or configured to run separately from the original instance of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server? (Choose three.)
A. BlackBerry Router Service
B. BlackBerry Policy Service
C. BlackBerry Dispatcher Service
D. BlackBerry Attachment Service
E. BlackBerry Monitoring Service
Answer: A, D, E

Q: 2
When performing a wireless enterprise activation, where does the activation email message come from that is delivered to the user mailbox? (Choose one.)
A. BlackBerry MailStore Service
B. BlackBerry Dispatcher
C. Organizations firewall
D. BlackBerry Infrastructure
E. Wireless service providers network
Answer: D

Q: 3
Which three of the following steps should a system administrator perform when a BlackBerry device user reports that address book synchronization between the BlackBerry device and the email application is not working? (Choose three.)
A. Ensure desktop email application is configured to work with the server copy of the address book
B. Ensure the user is enabled for wireless address book synchronization
C. Ensure the user does not have any IT policies applied that would prevent wireless synchronization
D. Ensure the user is able to browse using the BlackBerry Browser
E. Ensure the user is able to synchronize calendar appointments wirelessly
Answer: A, B, C

Q: 4
Which three of the following incomplete enterprise activation states can be tracked using the BlackBerry Administration Service? (Choose three.)
A. Ongoing
B. Pending
C. Password Set
D. Failed
E. Password Not Set
Answer: A, C, D

Q: 5
Which two of the following BlackBerry Enterprise Server versions for IBM Lotus Domino can be upgraded to version 5.0? (Choose two.)
A. 2.2.7 SP7
B. 4.0 SP5
C. 4.0 SP7
D. 4.1 SP1
E. 4.1 SP2
F. 4.1 SP3
Answer: C, F

Q: 6
A system administrator wants to install BlackBerry Enterprise Server software version 5.0 into an environment. Which two versions of IBM Lotus Domino are supported for this type of installation? (Choose two.)
A. 5
B. 6
C. 6.55
D. 7
E. 8
Answer: D, E

Q: 7
Which three of the following are pre-requisites for PGP encryption to be implemented in the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution? (Choose three.)
A. Set the PGP Universal Server Address IT policy rule in the IT policy that you assign to BlackBerry device users.
B. Instruct users to install the PGP Support Package for BlackBerry devices on their BlackBerry devices.
C. Instruct users to install the BlackBerry Security Package tool.
D. Instruct users to enroll with PGP when their BlackBerry devices prompt them to.
E. Wirelessly regenerate encryption keys from the BlackBerry device.
Answer: A, B, D

Q: 8
At which two levels can organizer data synchronization field mappings be modified? (Choose two.)
A. User level
B. Server level
C. Group level
D. Domain level
Answer: A, D

Q: 9
Which task must be running on a target IBM Lotus Domino server in order to support IBM Lotus Notes links? (Choose one.)
A. BlackBerry Enterprise Server
B. BlackBerry Router
C. Adminp
D. Agent Manager
Answer: E

Q: 10
Assuming that the BlackBerry Monitoring Service is installed separately on its own server, on which two locations would the system administrator need to install the SNMP Service in order for the BlackBerry Monitoring Service to receive SNMP trap data from all the BlackBerry Enterprise Server components? (Choose two.)
A. The server that hosts the BlackBerry Monitoring Service
B. The server that hosts each remote BlackBerry Enterprise Server component
C. The server that hosts the BlackBerry Enterprise Server
D. The server that host the BlackBerry Monitoring Service and BlackBerry Enterprise Server
E. The server that hosts each remote BlackBerry component and the BlackBerry Monitoring Service
Answer: B, C

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