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BlackBerry BCP-240 Exam -

Free BCP-240 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
The menu icon within applications, indentified by three dots, is known as what type of menu?
A. Extended Menu
B. Full Menu
C. Crosscut Menu
D. Advanced Menu
Answer: C

Q: 2
A BlackBerry User is not able to view corporate email or calendar items in the BlackBerry Hub.
Which password will need to be entered to gain access to these items?
A. Corporate Password
B. Work Space Password
C. BlackBerry ID Password
D. BlackBerry Device Password
Answer: B

Q: 3
What email folder(s) is/are synced by default when a new account is added to a BlackBerry 10 (BB10) Smartphone?
A. Inbox
B. Inbox and its subfolders
C. Inbox and sent items folder
D. Inbox and the first 10 sub-folders
Answer: C

Q: 4
A user can download some applications over mobile, but not all. Why is the user having this issue?
A. Mobile network is disabled
B. Use Wi-Fi' is enabled
C. Application is over 25MB
D. Application is over 50MB
Answer: D

Q: 5
What has to be done to bring over an application from a BlackBerry OS (BBOS) smartphone to a BlackBerry 10 (BB10} smartphone?
A. The application can be installed using a SD card containing the BBOS application.
B. The same BBID needs to be used to install the application.
C. Search the application using BlackBerry World from the BlackBerry 10 (BB10) smartphone and install it.
D. Such applications can only be pushed from the server.
Answer: C

Q: 6
How can a custom ringtone be configured for a contact?
A. Contacts-> Select Contact-> Edit-> Custom Ring Tone
B. Contacts-> Select Contact-> Edit-> Phone Ring Tone
C. Setting -> Notifications -> Contacts -> Custom Ring Tone
D. Setting -> Notifications -> Contacts -> Phone Ring Tone
Answer: B

Q: 7
Once a ticket has been opened with RIM support, how would a report be created to submit logs from the BlackBerry 10 (BB10) handheld?
A. Settings > Support > Create Report
B. Settings > Help > Support > Create Report
C. Options > Help > Support > Create Report
D. Help > Support > Create Report
Answer: D

Q: 8
How would a user activate with BlackBerry Device Service when external connection to the internet is offline?
A. Fully qualified domain name:8082
B. Fully qualified domain name:8081
C. Fully qualified domain name:3101
D. Fully qualified domain name:4101
Answer: B

Q: 9
Which of the following is needed to successfully add an account to a BlackBeriy 10 (BB10) device?
A. Scanned code with the account information
B. Hashed password for the account
C. Accounts can only be added after business hours
D. Network connectivity to the service which hosts the account
Answer: D

Q: 10
How is a VPN connection configured in BlackBerry 10 (BB10)?
A. Options -> Network Connections -> VPN
B. Settings -> Network Connections -> VPN
C. Options -> Advanced Options -> Network Connections -> VPN
D. Settings -> Advanced Options -> Network Connections -> VPN
Answer: B

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