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BlackBerry BCP-223 Exam -

Free BCP-223 Sample Questions:

1.Which one of the following is the correct registry path to the BlackBerry Configuration Database information? (Choose one.)
A. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ResearchIn Motion\BlackBerry Enterprise Server\Database\
B. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ResearchIn Motion\BlackBerry Enterprise Server\
C. HKEY_LOCAL_USER\SOFTWARE\ResearchIn Motion\BlackBerry Enterprise Server\Database\
D. This information is not stored in the registry
Answer: A

2.Which two methods can be used to directly access the Windows Event Log to review them for errors? (Choose two.)
A. Internet Explorer
B. Windows Control Panel
C. Windows Run command
D. BlackBerry Configuration Tool
E. BlackBerry Administration Service
Answer: B,C

3.A BlackBerry device user is trying to send an email message but is receiving the following error when trying to send: Failure at Service. The user is unable to send PIN messages as well. They are able to make phone calls from the BlackBerry device. No other user on the BlackBerry Enterprise Server is having this issue. What could a system administrator do to troubleshoot this issue? (Choose one.)
A. Restart the BlackBerry Controller Service to force a mailboxrescan
B. Associate the user's PIN number back into the database for the users information
C. Contact the service provider to ensure the correct data provisioning for the user
D. Wipe the BlackBerry device and complete and enterprise activation process
E. Ensure the Send As permission is set in Active Directory for this user
Answer: E

4.Which of the following ule Types?define a change in the data for an item being monitored by the BlackBerry Monitoring Service? (ChooseWhich of the following ?ule Types?define a change in the data for an item being monitored by the BlackBerry Monitoring Service? (Choose three.)
A. Value Based Rule
B. Time Based Rule
C. Trigger Based Rule
D. Action Based Rule
E. Duration Based Rule
Answer: A,B,E

5.A system administrator runs daily reports on BlackBerry device users with the BlackBerry Monitoring Service. The system administrator notices that the pending count for 2 out of 30 users is increasing. How can the system administrator verify the two users are able to establish a data connection for email message flow? (Choose two.)
A. Produce another daily report to verify that pending count will decrease
B. Send a PIN message to the two affected users
C. Check the application log for any errors for the two users
D. Remove and re-add the two users and start the BlackBerry Enterprise Server services
E. Verify the port 3101 is open on the firewall
Answer: B,C

6.Which BlackBerry Router Service configuration must be done before performing a wireless enterprise activation over Wi-Fi ? (Choose one.)
A. Ensure the BlackBerry Router Service is not installed remotely
B. Ensure the BlackBerry Router Service has appropriate permissions to Microsoft SQL Server
C. Ensure the BlackBerry Router Service has appropriate permissions to the mailbox
D. Ensure the BlackBerry Router Service is configured to listen on port 8080
E. Verify the setting Permit wireless activation in your WLAN environment is enabled
Answer: E

7.What happens to the activation email message after the BlackBerry Messaging Agent has retrieved it from the mailbox? (Choose one.)
A. Email message is marked as read
B. Email message is moved to the Sent folder
C. Email message remains in the Inbox unread
D. Email message is removed from the Inbox
E. Email message is filed to the BlackBerry folder in the mailbox
Answer: D

8.By default how long will the enterprise activation password last before it expires within the BlackBerry Administration Service? (Choose one.)
A. 1 hour
B. 12 hours
C. 24 hours
D. 48 hours
E. 7 days
Answer: D

9.Which BlackBerry Enterprise Server components can be installed on remote computers; separate from the BlackBerry Enterprise Server? (Choose three.)
A. BlackBerry Controller Service
B. BlackBerry Administration Service
C. BlackBerry MDS Integration Service
D. BlackBerry Dispatcher Service
E. BlackBerry Monitoring Service
F. BlackBerry Alert Service
Answer: B,C,E

10.IT policies are assigned for the BlackBerry Enterprise Server at multiple levels. When there are overlaps what level of the IT policy takes priority? (Choose one.)
A. User
B. Group
C. Server
D. Domain
E. Corporate
Answer: A

11.Which of the following are two pieces of information required when configuring a remote component for high availability? (Choose two.)
A. IP address
B. Fully Qualified Host Name
C. High Availability Pool Name
D. NetBios Name
E. DNS Alias
Answer: B,C

12.A system administrator attempts to start the BlackBerry Enterprise Server services but receives the following error message: System Error 1069 has occurred. What could be the possible cause for this error? (Choose one.)
A. The system administrator is logged into the computer with the wrong account
B. The BlackBerry Enterprise Server services are starting with the local system account
C. The system administrator has not been assigned to the Enterprise Administrator role. The system administrator has not been assigned to the Enterprise Administrator role
D. The BlackBerry Enterprise Server services are trying to login with the incorrect login information
E. The Microsoft SQL and Microsoft Exchange services are not started on the remote computer
Answer: D

13.A system administrator has applied Service Pack 1 to the Microsoft Office Communicator Server 2007. The system administrator decides to restart the BlackBerry Collaboration Service. What will be the effect on the BlackBerry device users that are currently logged in to the Microsoft Office Communicator client? (Choose one.)
A. The users will not notice any difference
B. The connection will appear slow while the service restarts
C. The contacts will temporarily be lost in the Microsoft Office Communicator client
D. The current session will be dropped and the users will have to log in again
E. The users will not be able to send messages
Answer: D

14.Which are the minimum supported BlackBerry Enterprise Server versions which can be upgraded to BlackBerry Enterprise Server version 5.0? (Choose one.)
A. 4.0 SP3 or later and 4.1 SP4 or later
B. 4.0 SP3 or later and 4.1 SP6 or later
C. 4.0 SP5 or later and 4.1 SP4 or later
D. 4.0 SP5 or later and 4.1 SP6 or later
E. 4.0 SP7 and 4.1 SP4 or later
F. 4.0 SP7 and 4.1 SP6 or later
Answer: E

15.Which of the following components is responsible for performing wireless calendar synchronization? (Choose one.)
A. BlackBerry Synchronization Service
B. BlackBerry Messaging Agent
C. BlackBerry MailStore Service
D. BlackBerry Controller Service
E. BlackBerry Dispatcher Service
Answer: B

16.What icon is displayed in the menus on the BlackBerry device to indicate that an option has been disabled by an IT policy? (Choose one.)
A. Red Padlock
B. Red ?Red ?
C. Black ?Black ?
D. Black Padlock
Answer: A

17.How can a support representative assign a custom enterprise activation password to a BlackBerry device user? (Choose one.)
A. Generate an activation email through the BlackBerry Administration Service
B. Assign a custom password through the IT policy assigned to the user
C. Send a PIN message to the user containing the custom password
D. Specify an activation password through the BlackBerry Administration Service
E. Assign the password to the PIN through the Enterprise Service Policy
Answer: D

18.While provisioning a new BlackBerry device for a user, the following error is displayed: An error has occurred. Please contact your System Administrator. When reviewing the logs the following is located:
User is not authorized for BlackBerry services What could be the cause of the issue? (Choose one.)
A. The user account needs to be assigned to a user group
B. The PIN needs to be added to the Approved PIN list in the Enterprise Service Policy
C. A security wipe must be performed on the BlackBerry device prior to starting the enterprise activation process
D. Enterprise Server Policy needs to be enabled on the BlackBerry Enterprise Server
E. An IT policy must be assigned to the newly created user account
Answer: B

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