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BlackBerry BCP-221 Exam -

Free BCP-221 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
Which two files are generated by the BlackBerry Desktop Manager during synchronization with advanced logging enabled? (Choose two.)
A. Dmtrace.log
B. Jvm.log
C. Tiff.log
D. Pttrace.log
E. Sync.log
Answer: C, D

Q: 2
Since upgrading the BlackBerry Device Software, a BlackBerry device user is reporting that custom audio notifications are no longer configured. Which two of the following options may resolve the issue? (Choose two.)
A. Synchronize using BlackBerry Desktop Manager to import any pre-existing custom audio profiles
B. Create a new Audio Profile in BlackBerry Desktop Manager Media Manager and import it with the application loader tool
C. Manually recreate the lost notifications in the Profiles application of the BlackBerry device
D. If a backup file was created in BlackBerry Desktop Manager, restoring the Options database will restore custom profiles
E. Download new ring tone content from the service provider and install using the BlackBerry Browser
Answer: C, D

Q: 3
A BlackBerry device user does not possess an organizer application like Microsoft Outlook.
Which translator will work for them to obtain a copy of their contacts and calendar on the computer with BlackBerry Desktop Manager? (Choose one.)
A. Plain Text
B. ASCII text
D. Notepad
E. Wordpad
Answer: B

Q: 4
A BlackBerry device user filtered message count in the BlackBerry Administration Service is increasing and no email messages are being forwarded to the BlackBerry device. Which of the following may be the cause of this? (Choose one.)
A. The user does not have sufficient wireless coverage
B. The BlackBerry device setting for f no filters apply, send email to handheld is set to No The BlackBerry device setting for if no filters apply, send email to handheld is set to No
C. The user has not been provisioned for Enterprise services
D. The user mail client rules/policies are interfering with message delivery Theuser mail client rules/policies are interfering with message delivery
E. The service books on the BlackBerry device are corrupt
Answer: B

Q: 5
Which two of the following processes can determine the current build version of BlackBerry Desktop Manager that is installed? (Choose two.)
A. Right click the BlackBerry Desktop Manager icon on the desktop and review properties
B. Open BlackBerry Desktop Manager > Help > About Desktop Manager
C. Launch the BlackBerry Desktop Manager application and look at the title bar at the top of the application
D. Open Control panel > Add / remove programs > Select Desktop Manager and choose lick here for support info in Windows
E. Look on the BlackBerry Desktop Manager CD
Answer: B, D

Q: 6
Which of the following components must be selected during a custom install of BlackBerry Desktop Software for S/MIME and Wi-Fi support? (Choose one.)
A. S/MIME Support Package
B. BlackBerry device software
C. BlackBerry Security support package
D. Certificate Synchronization
E. BlackBerry advanced networking support
Answer: D

Q: 7
Which two of the following media card settings on the BlackBerry device need to be turned on to copy files between Windows Explorer and the media card? (Choose two.)
A. Media Card Support
B. USB Flash Drive Bypass Mode
C. Mass Storage Mode Support
D. USB Dongle Support
E. Auto Enable Mass Storage Mode When Connected
Answer: A, C

Q: 8
What is taking place at the Verifying Encryption stage of the wireless enterprise activation process? (Choose one.)
A. The BlackBerry device and BlackBerry Enterprise Server are negotiating a master encryption key
B. All personal information on the BlackBerry device is being compressed, encrypted and sent over the wireless network to the BlackBerry Enterprise Server
C. All settings on the BlackBerry device are being verified by the BlackBerry Enterprise Server for security considerations
D. The BlackBerry Enterprise Server is sending service book information to the BlackBerry device
E. The BlackBerry device is scanning the BlackBerry Enterprise Server settings for security considerations
Answer: E

Q: 9
If the BlackBerry device is displaying a lower case edge connection status, which two of the following actions can a BlackBerry device user perform on the BlackBerry device? (Choose two.)
A. Browse the Internet
B. Send or receive email messages
C. Send or receive SMS messages
D. Send or receive PIN messages
E. Make or receive phone calls
Answer: C, E

Q: 10
Which of the following will resolve a VM 517 error (Choose one.)Which of the following will resolve a VM 517 error (Choose one.)
A. Removing and re-inserting the BlackBerry device battery
B. Performing a security wipe
C. Setting appropriate content store permissions
D. Reinstalling the BlackBerry Device Software using the application loader tool
E. Removing and re-seating the BlackBerry device SIM Card Removing and re-seating theBlackBerry device SIM Card
Answer: D

Q: 11
Which two of the following are types of searches that can be performed in the BTSC? (Choose two.)
A. Targeted
B. Software assisted
C. Boolean
D. Natural Language
E. Choice Focused
Answer: C, D

Q: 12
Which service book is required for wireless calendar synchronization? (Choose one.)
A. Desktop[CMIME]
B. Desktop[CICAL]
C. Desktop[CALSYNC]
D. Desktop[IPPP]
E. Desktop[SYNC]
Answer: B

Q: 13
At the mid-point of the synchronization process, a BlackBerry device user receives the following error message: enable to read application data. What are two possible causes for this error? (Choose two.)
A. Anti-virus software is blocking specific contact items from transferring to the computer
B. A contact with invalid characters was encountered
C. A contact with no First name,Last name or Company Name was encountered
D. The address book on the computer has reached its item limit
E. The BlackBerry Desktop Manager synchronization service has stopped working
Answer: B, C

Q: 14
A BlackBerry device user who is active on a BlackBerry Enterprise Server files an email message to a subfolder in the email application and notices the email message no longer appears in the Messages list on the BlackBerry device. Why is this email message no longer viewable in the main Messages list? (Choose one.)
A. The user has the option Hide Filed Messages set to Yes
B. The current theme active on the BlackBerry device is hiding this email message
C. A corrupt Desktop [CMIME] service book
D. Folder redirection is enabled
E. The BlackBerry device email message database is corrupt
Answer: A

Q: 15
Which two of the following statements describe how an IT policy would facilitate an organization requirement to have secure data for all. Which two of the following statements describe how an IT policy would facilitate an organization requirement to have secure data for all computing-based BlackBerry devices? (Choose two.)
A. The BlackBerry device could be unlocked remotely
B. Content Protection could be enforced
C. By setting the Media Access policy to not allowed
D. BlackBerry Infrastructure can be notified to maintain backups of all traffic
E. BlackBerry device logging can be enabled to store every keystroke entered and recorded
on the BlackBerry Enterprise Server
Answer: B, C

Q: 16
Which of the following is an encryption standard that is used by the BlackBerry Enterprise Server to communicate with BlackBerry devices? (Choose one.)
Answer: B

Q: 17
A BlackBerry device user has an email notification indicator and no unread email messages in the Messages folder. Which two of the following troubleshooting steps can be taken to remove the icon? (Choose two.)
A. Perform a hard reset on the BlackBerry device and see if the icon persists
B. Uninstall and reinstall the Messages application
C. Check all sub folders in the Messages folder for unread email messages
D. Delete the Desktop [CMIME] service book and then restore the CMIME service book to clear the Messages database
E. Perform a Reconcile Now to update all unread email messages
Answer: A, C

Q: 18
A BlackBerry device user Phone application is not present on the BlackBerry device, but it has been determined that the user is already running the most current version of the BlackBerry Device Software. How can the application loader tool be used to resolve the issue? (Choose one.)
A. Download and install updated Phone Application software from the service provider website
B. Run BlackBerry Diagnostics to verify the presence of BlackBerry Device Software on the BlackBerry device
C. Use the application loader tool to re-install the existing BlackBerry Device Software
D. Look for an earlier version of the Phone application on the service provider website and reinstall it
E. Remove all installed applications to free up space for the Phone application
Answer: C

Q: 19
A BlackBerry device user on the BlackBerry Enterprise Server does not have a Send option when trying to compose or reply to email messages. Which two of the following steps can be taken to troubleshoot the issue? (Choose two.)
A. Perform a hard reset on the BlackBerry device and see if the issue persists
B. Uninstall and reinstall the messaging application
C. Delete all email messages and resend
D. Delete and resend the Desktop [CMIME] service book
E. Delete and resend Desktop [CICAL]
Answer: A, D

Q: 20
Which file should be edited to enable advanced logging in BlackBerry Desktop Manager? (Choose one.)
A. Dmtrace.log
B. Jvm.log
C. Tiff.log
D. iloptcfg.cfg
E. Sync.log
Answer: D

Q: 21
BlackBerry Media Sync is used for which of the following? (Choose one.)
A. Synchronizing with the My Music folder
B. Synchronizing with the media card inserted in the computer
C. Synchronizing music from Napster
D. Synchronizing non-DRM music from Apple iTunes
E. Synchronizing music between BlackBerry devices
Answer: D

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