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Symantec ASC-090 Exam -

Free ASC-090 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
A Symantec Security Information Manager (SSIM) administrator has written a simple Perl script to convert HEX format to a dotted decimal number to aid forensic analysis of attack packets recorded by the Network Intrusion Detection system. They have used this script in a user action. However, the user action is failing. What is the problem?
A. Only shell scripts are supported for custom user actions.
B. Perl interpreter is not installed on the Archive Server.
C. Only Java scripts are supported for custom user action.
D. Perl interpreter is not installed on the SSIM client machine.
Answer: D

Q: 2
A company is receiving "disk full" errors on the volume hosting the RMS Information server database. They are running native RMS queries and saving the historical reports. What is the process for deleting outdated RMS historical data sets?
A. from the Control Compliance Suite Console, under the System > General > Data Purge menu, configure the Purge Settings to run a data purge job
B. from the RMS console, run an RMS Query using the "Show Advanced Data Sources" option, and use Active Admin to delete historical data
C. on the Information server, stop the BVProcessManager Service, then stop and restart the SQL Server Service, then restart the BVProcessManager Service
D. on the Information server, stop all RMS Services, and then use the Microsoft commandline tool "OSQL.EXE" to purge the "QUERY_RESULTS" table
Answer: B

Q: 3
In Control Compliance Suite (CCS) Reporting and Analytics, where do administrators add content for new regulations not already included?
A. from the CCS Console, in "Manage > Polices" select "New Regulation"
B. in Content Studio, choose "Mandates", right-click, and then choose "New Regulation"
C. New regulations cannot be added to Reporting and Analytics.
D. from a SQL script, write an INSERT statement to create the new content on the SQL Database Server
Answer: B

Q: 4
An administrator sees the following in the agent log:
ERROR [Logging]
HostnameVerificationFailureException SESA Agent Symc_ConfigProvider: Failed to bootstrap to primary management server https:
What are two reasons for this? (Select two.)
A. The name resolution is not working.
B. Agent failed to download the SSL certificate.
C. There is a hostname mismatch with the SSL certificate.
D. Another host with same hostname is already registered.
E. Bootstrapping is disabled on the Information Manager.
Answer: A, E

Q: 5
A company reports that Windows Data Collection jobs using the RMS data collector never complete. UNIX Data Collection jobs complete normally. The administrator suspects that one of the Slave Query Engines might be failing to respond. Which troubleshooting step should be used to determine which Slave Query Engine might be hanging?
A. from the RMS Console, log in under the Data Processor Service Account, and check the "Task Status" screen
B. on the Information server, review the Application log
C. in bv-Config, check the "Query Engine Diagnostics- Master" for Slave Query Engine job statuses
D. in the Control Compliance Suite Console, on the Settings > System Topology Menu, Choose "Monitor System Jobs"
Answer: C

Q: 6
In the Control Compliance Suite Asset System, "Asset Custodian" is an example of an asset _____?
A. tag
B. permission
C. property
D. view
Answer: C

Q: 7
A policy has been submitted for review. Reviewers have made change requests to the policy, and the policy review deadline has passed. What is the status of the policy?
A. In Review
B. Pending Approval
C. Draft
D. Approved
Answer: C

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