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Acme Packet AP0-001 Exam -

Free AP0-001 Sample Questions:

1. When configuring the allow-anonymous parameter in the SIP port element, a value of __________ may be configured to allow access only from user agents who have previously registered through the Net-Net 4000 or who are configured as session agents.
A. registered
B. agents-only
C. realm-prefix
D. prev-registered
Answer: A

2. If upon examination of two configuration files you notice that the version number of the permanently saved configuration differs from the version number of the running configuration, it means that __________.
A. the saved configuration file has been edited, but the done command was not issued
B. the saved configuration file has been copied from flash into SDRAM using the save-config command
C. the saved configuration file has been saved into flash, but the activate-config command has not been issued
D. the saved configuration file was copied from flash into SDRAM using the activate-config command
Answer: C

3. Of the following configured local policy preferences that the Net-Net 4000 sorts through, which one of the four preference discriminators listed below would be ranked the second highest priority?
A. codec
B. lowest cost
C. next hop
D. realm
Answer: A

4. Steering pools are realm specific, and by limiting the number of __________ provide constraints on the number of concurrent RTP sessions allowed on the Net-Net 4000.
A. UDP ports
B. slots
C. IP addresses
D. Realms
Answer: A

5. __________ is/are stored in SDRAM.
A. Licensing information
B. Boot parameters
C. Passwords
D. Logs
Answer: D

6. Which one of the following statements about SIP is FALSE?
A. The Via header field indicates the transport used for the transaction.
B. The Contact header field provides a SIP or SIPS URI that can be used to contact that specific instance of the UA for subsequent requests.
C. A SIP transaction consists of a single request and any responses to that request, which include zero or more provisional responses and one or more final responses.
D. A dialog is identified at each UA with a dialog ID, which consists of a Call-ID value, a Contact and a Request URI.
Answer: D

7. When SIP sessions are terminated and re-originated as they flow through the Net-Net 4000, the ____________ is rewritten to force all session related media to be routed through Net-Net 4000.
A. Via
B. From
D. Contact
Answer: C

8. Which one of the four statements below about Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is FALSE?
A. SIP provides for resource reservation.
B. SIP works with both IPv4 and IPv6.
C. SIP can run on top of either UDP or TCP as the transport protocol.
D. SIP can be used to invite participants to an already existing session.
Answer: A

9. A(n) __________ is an association between a globally unique SIP or SIPS URI and the user agents contact address. This association is written by the registrar server to a database where it can be used by a proxy in the local domain.
A. location record
C. binding
D. public address
Answer: C

10. Which two of the following statements regarding SIP processing are FALSE?
A. An initial INVITE will contain a From header tag and a To header tag as a globally unique identifier for the dialog.
B. To avoid retransmissions, User Agents must forward received 100 Trying messages to their next hop.
C. Calls Per Second are typically measured using a 7-10 message SIP call flow including call set-up and tear down.
D. The combination of the To tag, From tag, and Call-ID completely defines a peer-to-peer SIP relationship and is referred to as a dialog.
Answer: AB

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