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IBM A2180-400 Exam -

Free A2180-400 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
A company is running 20,000 rules in one ruleset and experiences latency during some ruleset executions. No hot deployments are used. After reviewing the execution traces, the application
developer recognizes that the performance is affected by reparsing of the same ruleset after overnight inactivity. What should the application developer do to minimize the impact of ruleset parsing and speed up performance?
A. Make sure the cache is empty before the first ruleset is parsed.
B. Set the ruleset property ruleset.maxIdleTime to 0 to ensure the ruleset is not removed from cache.
C. In the ra.xml file, set the asynchronousRulesetParsing property to false to handle concurrent requests.
D. In the ra.xml file, set the pool.maxSize parameter to make sure that the number of active rulesets is greater than the size of the XU connection pool.
Answer: B

Q: 2
The response time of Decision Center while browsing and editing rule artifacts is slow. What should the application developer do to improve the performance?
A. Tune the JVM maximum heap size.
B. Use an Embedded Derby database.
C. Increase the Execution Unit (XU) connection pool size.
D. Augment the number of Business Object Model (BOM) entries and add more verbalizations.
Answer: A

Q: 3
A Hosted Transparent Decision Service (HTDS) for a car insurance company has the following input and output. Input: A form that includes information about the driver, the vehicle and the type of
insurance. Output: The cost of insurance if the request is eligible. How should the application developer implement this flow of information between the calling application and the decision service?
A. Define three ruleset variables for the application to pass the driver, vehicle, and insurance input objects. Define one ruleset parameter to return the decision results.
B. Define one ruleset parameter to pass the driver, vehicle, and insurance information to the rule engine. Define one ruleset parameter to return the decision results.
C. Implement an IlrContext subclass to populate the working memory with all the driver, vehicle, and insurance objects. Define a ruleset parameter to return the decision results.
D. Implement a database call that is triggered during rule execution so the rule engine can access all relevant driver, vehicle, and insurance information. Define a ruleset variable to return the decision results.
Answer: B

Q: 4
An application developer needs to create a read-only attribute age in the Business Object Model (BOM) member Customer . The BOM uses a Java Execution Object Model (XOM). What should the
application developer add to the XOM member that maps to the BOM member Customer?
A. An attribute private int age;
B. A method public int getAge();
C. A method private int getAge();
D. A method protected int getAge();
Answer: B

Q: 5
The Java method Customer.getlastOrderAmt() is verbalized as last order amt} of {this}? and returns the amount of the last customer order. The rule authors decided that ?amt? should be spelled out as ?amount? in rule artifacts. Many rule artifacts already exist using the ?amt? abbreviation. To address the new requirement, the application developer should:
A. use a semantic query with an action to refactor the rule artifacts.
B. use Alt+Shift+R from a rule editor to rename ?amt? to ?amount? and apply refactoring to the rule artifacts.
C. edit the subject used in the verbalization and apply refactoring to the rules.
D. rename the Business Object Model (BOM) method and perform a BOM update to refactor the rule projects.
Answer: C

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