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IBM A2180-315 Exam -

Free A2180-315 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
A message flow has been developed to receive a record with an MQInput node and store it by appending it to a local file using the FileOutput node. When the message flow is tested by sending five test messages, only the record from the last message gets stored in the local file.
What is the most probable cause of this behavior?
A. The file already exists in the mqsitransit directory.
B. The FileOutput node does not support appending data to an existing file.
C. The developer did not connect the Finish File terminal of the FileOutput node.
D. The Record definition property of the FileOutput node is set to "Record is Whole File".
Answer: D

Q: 2
A developer who is very familiar with writing XPath expressions in the mapping editor has been asked to convert several of the company's current message flows. The message flows use mappings to do message transformation to message flows which use Java to do transformations.
Which method call should be used to help the developer more quickly write code to access messages?
A. callXPath
B. processXPath
C. mappingXPath
D. evaluateXPath
Answer: D

Q: 3
Which component is the contract that describes to the Message Broker V6.1 developer how to build a Web service request?
B. Namespace
C. HTTP Header
D. SOAP Envelope
Answer: A

Q: 4
A Message Broker V6.1 developer needs to work with a multipart message that exploits the MIME standard. Which two mechanisms can be used to parse the content of the MIME parts?
A. Extract node
B. Validate node
D. ResetContentDescriptor node
E. ESQL to parse the individual parts
Answer: D, E

Q: 5
A Message Broker V6.1 message flow must invoke one out of five different Web services depending on the content of the input message. Which implementation is the most appropriate to determine the service provider?
A. Use a Filter node.
B. Establish a filter pattern in a Route node.
C. Dynamically route by using a RouteToLabel node.
D. Include a Compute node to filter based upon ESQL code.
Answer: B

Q: 6
A message flow developer is familiar with using XPath. The developer must implement a flow that transforms a message from a COBOL copybook format into a SOAP message.
Which two nodes should the developer use to perform the transformation using XPath?
A. Mapping
B. Extract
C. JavaCompute
D. MQJMSTransform
E. JMSMQTransform
Answer: A, C

Q: 7
A Message Broker V6.1 developer needs to create a message definition to handle the following requirement: "The message consists of an unknown number of records. Records can
be either of Type 1 or Type 2, and can occur in any order." In addition to complex types to describe Type 1 and Type 2 records, which message model elements should the developer create to model this message?
A. A repeating choice of Type 1 and Type 2 records
B. A choice of repeating Type 1 and Type 2 records
C. A repeating sequence of Type 1 and Type 2 records
D. An unordered set of repeating Type 1 and Type 2 records
Answer: A

Q: 8
Which node is used to retrieve the WSDL port from WebSphere Service Registry and Repository that could be used by a message flow to dynamically set the output destination?
A. SOAPRequest
B. HTTPRequest
C. RegistryLookup
D. EndpointLookup
Answer: D

Q: 9
A Message Broker V6.1 developer is implementing a message flow with an JMSInput node, JavaCompute node and a JMSReply node. The logic in the JavaCompute nodeinserts a record to a database table using a JDBC Type 4 connection. Which three tasks have to be performed to ensure that the JMS, the database and the JMS transactions are synchronized?
A. Create the JDBC connection using an XADataSource.
B. Set the Transaction mode of the JMSInput and JMSReply nodes to Local.
C. Set the Transaction mode of the JMSInput and JMSReply nodes to Global.
D. Set the Backout destination of the JMSInput node to hold In-doubt transactions.
E. Use the broker Java API getJDBCType4Connection to initiate the JDBC connection.
F. Configure a XAResourceManager for both the JDBC and JMS connections in the broker's queue manager.
Answer: C, E, F

Q: 10
To meet business requirements, a message flow was developed to route activities based upon the account identifier which contains the value 'Wealth Management'. The flow was developed using a Route node. Given the filter expressions that have been configured in this node, multiple expressions may be matched for any particular message. Which configurable property of the Route node would control whether only one or all matching expressions are satisfied?
A. Filters
B. Operator
C. Distribution mode
D. Match dynamic terminal
Answer: C

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