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IBM A2040-404 Exam -

Free A2040-404 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
Cindy would like to secure her IBM Worklight application. Which file should she look into from her current application to add a security test?
A. SMSConfig.xml
C. authenticationConfig.xml
D. application-descriptor.xml
Answer: C

Q: 2
Bob is creating an application that allows the user to add their current location to their blog entry. He needs to capture the device's current position. What method would he use to do this?
A. navigator.geolocation.getLocation();
B. navigator.geolocation.getLocalPosition();
C. navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition();
D. navigator.geolocation.getCurrentLocation();
Answer: C

Q: 3
Michael is using the capture.captureVideo method in his application to start an asynchronous operation to capture video recordings using the device video recording application. If Michael does not provide a value for the limit parameter, what will the default be?
A. The limit parameter is required and CaptureErrorCB function will be invoked.
B. There is no default value and the capture operation will terminate once the user ends the recording.
C. A default value of one is used and the capture operation will terminate after the user records a single video clip.
D. The default value is equal to the value specified by the device's settings and the capture operation will terminate when the session is terminated.
Answer: C

Q: 4
How would a developer invoke the adapter from the application?
A. WL.Client.invokeAdapter (invocationData, options)
B. WL.Client.invokeProcedure (invocationData, options)
C. WL.Environment.invokeAdapter (invocationData, options)
D. WL.Environment.invokeProcedure (invocationData, options)
Answer: B

Q: 5
Dale is writing an adapter in an IBM Worklight application. Dale wants to execute a method in a Java class to handle some complex logic. How does a Worklight server-side adapter interact with Java code?
A. Worklight provides a Java adapter type that is specifically used to execute Java code.
B. Specify <procedure class="fully_qualified_class_name" method="method_to_execute" /> in the adapter XML file.
C. Worklight adapters are written in Java code; simply import a custom class into the adapter Java and use as needed.
D. A Java class packaged in a Worklight application can be referenced in adapter JavaScript using the fully qualified name of the Java class.
Answer: D

Q: 6
Ben, an IBM Worklight Server administrator, wants to ensure that no developer accidentally updates a mobile application in the test environment during testing. How can he do this?
A. Add .lock file to all of the mobile applications.
B. Remove access to all the developers to test environment.
C. Change the file permission to Read Only for the Worklight Server folder.
D. Check the Lock this version checkbox for that application in the Worklight Console.
Answer: D

Q: 7
A health insurance company has recently released a mobile application to iOS and Android users. However, post-release they notice that their privacy policy needs to be updated. Privacy Policy is a
web resource bundled in the mobile application. How should the IBM Worklight administrator apply this update?
A. Send a push notification to all subscriber devices with a link to updated Privacy Policy.
B. Redeploy the updated application to the Worklight Server without changing the version.
C. Build new versions of the Android and iOS applications, then submit to the app stores of those device types.
D. Host the updated applications on the company's web site, then ask users to download and install the application on their devices.
Answer: B

Q: 8
John needs to create an adapter to connect to a third-party web service. Service protocol, domain and port values are stored in the file as protocol, domain and port properties.
Which notation does John need to use to retrieve properties from the file and set connectivity attributes in adapter XML file?
A. <protocol>{protocol}</protocol>
B. <protocol>#[protocol]</protocol>
C. <protocol>${protocol}</protocol>
D. <protocol><property name="protocol" /></protocol>
<domain><property name="domain" /></domain>
<port><property name="port" /></port>
Answer: C

Q: 9
Tom is using encrypted offline cache to store sensitive data on his client application. How is the data encrypted?
A. Data is encrypted by using SSL.
B. Data is encrypted by using a 256-bit encryption key.
C. Data is encrypted by using a 128-bit encryption key.
D. Tom can select which encryption to use in the Admin Console.
Answer: B

Q: 10
Which code will make a webview overlay visible in the Cordova plugin for Android?
A. webViewOverlay.makeVisible();
B. webViewOverlay.setVisibility(true);
C. webViewOverlay.setVisibility(android.view.View.VISIBLE);
D. webViewOverlay.set("visibility", android.view.View.VISIBLE);
Answer: C

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