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IBM A2040-402 Exam -

Free A2040-402 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
A customized version of IBM Cognos Business Intelligence is used to gather metrics. For best performance, how should this be installed?
A. On the same server,before installing IBM Connections
B. On the same server,after installing Connections
C. By updating the existing Cognos Business Intelligence components
D. On a separate server,either before or after Connections
Answer: D

Q: 2
What level of access are users granted who are given the role of metrics-report-run?
A. They can configure which metrics are captured.
B. They can grant access to community metrics.
C. They can view and interact with global metrics.
D. They can view only the last 24 hours of metrics.
Answer: C

Q: 3
When specifying the locations of content stores, all nodes in a cluster must have read-write access to shared content. What else must be true?
A. The IBM Connections 4.0 directory names must be the same as the Connections 3.0.1 directory names.
B. The directory names cannot contain spaces.
C. All nodes and the Deployment Manager must have read-write access to local content.
D. Both shared and local content must be accessible using the same path from all nodes and the Deployment Manager.
Answer: D

Q: 4
After migrating IBM Connections, the administrator must manually update any custom fields and customized fields that could not be automatically updated or migrated. Select two additional items from the list below that must be completed manually. (Select two.)
A. Migrate any JSP,CSS,and string customizations.
B. Copy search indices to the new location.
C. Delete old proxy configurations.
D. Redefine customized Profiles in the file.
E. Synchronize the member database tables with the user directory.
Answer: A,E

Q: 5
If an organization has a pass-through proxy required for Internet access, what must be done to ensure their connections to the internet will work?
A. The administrator must configure the AJAX proxy to send requests to it.
B. The administrator must set up a new proxy to handle all requests that will be leaving the local domain.
C. The administrator must configure the AJAX proxy to avoid the pass-through proxy.
D. Nothing,all will work without any additional configuration.
Answer: A

Q: 6
IBM Connections uses SSO to secure the transfer of what?
A. User ID and email information that is used for authentication
B. Information stored in LDAP for transfer into the Peopledb
C. User ID and password information that is used to authenticate with the system
D. Connections does not use SSO
Answer: C

Q: 7
If Katy changed the name of the administrative user, she must update the mapping for which J2EE roles?
A. She must update the mapping for everyone,person and reader.
B. She will need to do a full Resynchronize from the Deployment Manager. This will push the new information into the correct roles.
C. She must update the mapping for dsx-admin,search-admin,admin and widget-admin.
D. She does not need to make any changes as the update is done automatically by a server process.
Answer: C

Q: 8
To support SSL, Jack creates a self-signed certificate and then configures the IBM HTTP Server for SSL traffic. If he uses this certificate in production, users might receive warning messages from their browsers. In a typical production deployment, what would Jack use?
A. Nothing,as SSL traffic is trusted by default.
B. He would use a jar file from a non-trusted certificate authority.
C. He would use a certificate from a trusted certificate authority.
D. He would use a second HTTP server to handle traffic which is not trusted.
Answer: C

Q: 9
What are the two primary items that should be backed up on a regular schedule to be able to restore IBM Connections data?
A. Lotus Connections directory and shared content stores
B. IBM Connections WebSphere Deployment Manager and shared resource directory
C. IBM Connections WebSphere Server profiles and customized configuration files
D. IBM Connections application databases and content stores
Answer: D

Q: 10
By default, IBM Connections 4.0 installs with an IBM WebSphere JDBC maximum pool size of 10 and a prepared statement cache of 100. What should be done with these parameters?
A. Leave the JDBC Maximum pool size at 10 and monitor. For IBM DB2,decrease the prepared statement cache to 50.
B. Increase the JDBC Maximum pool size and monitor. For DB2,leave the prepared statement cache at 100.
C. Leave the JDBC Maximum pool size at 10 and monitor. For Oracle,decrease the prepared statement cache to 50.
D. Increase the JDBC Maximum pool size and monitor. For Oracle,increase the prepared statement cache to 200.
Answer: B

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