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IBM A2030-280 Exam -

Free A2030-280 Sample Questions:

1. Which characteristic best describe the difference between Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and cloud computing?
A. pay per use model
B. shared computing resources
C. SOA exists within the firewall
D. leverage IT resources on demand
Answer: C

2. What is the collection and control point for alerts?
A. Tivoli Enterprise Console
B. Tivoli Enterprise Portal Server
C. Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Agent
D. Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Server
Answer: C

3. A company hosts office applications on a stand alone server in their data center. A recent spike in demand for one of their applications resulted in the denial of access to some potential users. Which characteristic of the cloud service delivery model wou ld meet the fluctuating demands of the company's users?
A. service ubiquity
B. service elasticity
C. self-service access
D. usage-based billing
Answer: B

4. An enterprise wants to take advantage of cloud computing but retain control over the construct ion and delivery of all cloud-based services. Which cloud deployment model will meet their needs?
A. hybrid cloud
B. private cloud
C. community cloud
D. public shared cloud
Answer: B

5. What are two methods that address both network infrastructure sec urity and performance for a cloud computing environment? (Choose two.)
A. encryption (SSL)
B. limiting network hops
C. network load balancing
D. denial of service prevention
E. intrusion detection and prevention
Answer: B,D

6. Which component is necessary to view monitoring reports for IBM Service Delivery Manager?
A. Tivoli Enterprise Portal
B. Tivoli Service Request Manager
C. Tivoli Service Automation Manager
D. WebSphere Administrative Console
Answer: A

7. Which IBM product implements metering capabilities?
A. IBM Tivoli Monitoring
B. IBM Tivoli Common Reporting
C. IBM Tivoli System Automation
D. IBM Tivoli Usage and Accounting Manager
Answer: D

8. Which storage infrastructure function provides benefit for public cloud computing?
A. metadata
B. multipath I/O
C. clustered trivial database
D. real time storage management
Answer: C

9. What are two key infrastructure components for data migration when planning a move to cloud? (Choose two.)
A. storage
B. network
C. monitoring
D. data mining
E. high availability
Answer: A,B

10. A cloud service vendor provides business services such as human resources and payroll processing.
They use Web interfaces on a shared infrastructure providing multi -tenant services without the need to manage or control the underlying resources. What type of cloud service is this company providing?
A. Platform as a Service
B. Software as a Service
C. Infrastructure as a Service
D. Business Process as a Service
Answer: D

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