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IBM A2010-023 Exam -

Free A2010-023 Sample Questions:

1. A support provider opens a PMR for a customer. Who is the owner of this issue?
A. customer
B. support provider
C. account manager
D. IBM Tivoli Support
Answer: D

2. What are three correct classifications when reporting a problem? (Choose three.)
A. Software
B. Hardware
C. ICN Number
D. Priority Level
E. Response Time
F. Driver and or Configuration
Answer: A, B, F

3. What are two examples of diagnostic Information? (Choose two.)
A. script
B. dumps
C. traces
D. file name
E. incident history
Answer: B, C

4. The ESR/SR tool is used to open, update and report on PMRs online. Whose responsibility is it to grant and deny access to the ESR/SR?
A. Primary Contact
B. IBM Tivoli Support
C. Passport Advantage
D. Site Technical Contact
Answer: D

5. Which information does the IBM Information Center provide?
A. How to access and download IBM software.
B. How to change a customer's Primary Contact information.
C. Task oriented How to instructions and reference material.
D. Updated information regarding PMRs you have opened with IBM Tivoli Support.
Answer: C

6. Which Maintenance Delivery Vehicles (MDVs) provides a cumulative, fully supported and formally tested software maintenance package of APAR fixes?
B. Test Fix
C. Fix Pack
D. Limited Availability Interim Fix
Answer: C

7. Based upon user feedback of the IBM Support Assistant tool, what increased resolution time have they observed?
A. 2%
B. 5%
C. 10%
D. 15%
Answer: C

8. What is the IBM Tivoli Support response goal for severity 1 PMRs?
A. within 1 hour
B. within 2 hours
C. within 30 minutes
D. within 90 minutes
Answer: B

9. Which item can be sent to a Support Provider using e-mail as a temporary solution?
A. upgrade
B. source code
C. new release
D. hotfix or test fix
Answer: D

10. Which is a way to validate that a customer is eligible for support?
A. Priority Level
B. Analyst's Discretion
C. Support Entitlement
D. Passport Advantage
Answer: C

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