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IBM A2010-005 Exam -

Free A2010-005 Sample Questions:

1. which external system can be interfaced to IBM Maximo Asset Managment V7.1 to improt meter readings?
A. Hubometer
B. Fixed Assets
C. General Ledger
D. Control System
Answer: D

2. Which data is commonly imported into the IBM maximo asset management V7.1 thro ugh an interface when integrated with an exatermal purchasing system ?
A. assets
B. work orders
C. vendor data
D. meter readings
Answer: C

3. which three data elements are commonly interfaced to IBM maximo asset managment V7.1 from an exaternal purchasing system? (choose three)
A. calendars
B. vendor names
C. organzationgs
D. order quantities
E. person information
F. receipt quantities
Answer: BDF

4. which data type will be used in IBM maximo asset management V7.1 to accepet data from an external system which contains upper and lower case alphanumeric characters?
Answer: A

5. The client has outlined in the discovery phase of the project that they want to incorporate three divisions,and each has a diferent chart of accounts with the same GL account configuration.From this information,how many organizations should be created for the solution is required to be decided. How many organizations should be created?
A. one
B. two
C. four
D. three
Answer: D

6. As part of setting up IBM maximo asset management V7.1,organization(s) and site(s) are required to be created and an organization has to ben actived. What are the required steps to activate an organization?
A. Create a GL account,update organizations transfer asset account,a nd activate the orgainzaiton.
B. Define the GL account codes,update organizations transfer asset account,and activate the orgainzaiton.
C. Define the asset account codes,update organizations transfer asset account,and activate the orgainzaiton.
D. Create the asset account,update organizations transfer asset account,and activate the orgainzaiton.
Answer: B

7. A client needs any work order that is created to be categorized by using specific codes:DF=defact(reactive),DB=breakdown(reactive), RT=routine(planned ),SF=safety(planned). and CAPEX=capital expenditure (capital). This is to allow the to report the difference between proactive, recative, and capital works. Which organization option will be use to fefine these codes?
A. work type
B. categories
C. work options
D. classifications
Answer: A

8. At which date level do contracts,Labor,and chart of Accounts reside?
A. set
B. site
C. system
D. organization
Answer: D

9. At which data level do asset,locations,and purchase orders reside?
A. set
B. site
C. system
D. organization
Answer: B

10. As part of the solution,multiple organizations and sites have to be created and roating assets will be moved between sites tha blong to differnet organizations.What must be done to meet this requirement?
A. create a common location.
B. create a global rotating suspense account
C. create an item set and assign it to all organizations.
D. create a company set and assign it to all organizations.
Answer: C

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