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Apple 9L0-616 Exam -

Free 9L0-616 Sample Questions:

1. Which method of increasing the storage capacity of a SAN does NOT require that a volume be unmounted and stopped?
A. add LUNs
B. add volumes
C. add storage pools
D. reduce block allocation size
Answer: B

2. You want to use different block allocation sizes for two applications. To do so, you must set up a ________ for each application.
B. volume
C. storage pool
D. metadata controller
Answer: B

3. You try to save a file from an Xsan client to an Xsan volume, but receive an alert message that indicates error -1425 has occurred. What is the MOST LIKELY cause?
A. The Xsan volume is busy.
B. Saving the file would cause you to exceed your hard quota.
C. Another user is saving changes simultaneously to the same file on the Xsan volume.
D. You are trying to save the file to a folder or volume where you do not have write permissions.
Answer: B

4. Xsan is a ________ file system.
A. local
B. cluster
C. network
D. distributed
Answer: B

5. You are creating an Xsan volume in Xsan Admin. Below is a list of steps required to accomplish this task. In what order should you perform these steps?
(A). label LUNs
(B). create LUNs
(C). create volumes
(D). create storage pools
(E). add LUNs to storage pools
Answer: A

6. In Xsan, you can set up an affinity between a folder and a ________.
A. volume
B. hard disk
C. storage pool
D. metadata controller
Answer: C

7. Fibre Channel switched fabrics use ____-bit addresses.
A. 8
B. 16
C. 24
D. 32
Answer: C

8. Which command-line utility can you use to return a LUN to a state in which Disk Utility can initialize it?
A. cvfsck
B. cvmkfs
C. cvlabel
D. cvadmin
E. cvupdatefs
Answer: C

9. You try to set up an access control list (ACL) for several folders on your Xsan volume, but you are unable to do so. What is MOST LIKELY preventing you from completing this task?
A. ACLs have not been enabled for your Xsan volume.
B. Your client is not bound to the Open Directory master.
C. Your controller is not bound to the Open Directory master.
D. Your Xsan volume has not been mounted on the primary metadata controller.
Answer: A

10. Setting up a separate storage pool to store both metadata and journal data can ________.
A. complicate user quota configuration
B. improve I/O throughput for user data
C. increase free disk space on the primary metadata controller
D. cause data loss due to multiple files having the same address
Answer: B

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