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Apple 9L0-610 Exam -

Free 9L0-610 Sample Questions:

1. Array-based virtualization means that ____________.

A: each disk drive is mirrored by a backup drive
B: data is saved redundantly to multiple drives
C: an Xsan volume may reside on one or more physical drives
D: hosts can access storage devices located in distant sites
Answer: C

2. In Fibre Channel terminology, the physical media that connect ports together in a SAN are called _______.

A: channels
B: fibres
C: links
D: nodes
Answer: C

3. WWNNs and WWPNs are assigned to devices _____________.

A: by the factory, during manufacturing
B: by the Fibre Channel switch, during initialization
C: by Fibre Channel Utility, during setup
D: by RAID Admin, during configuration
E: by Xsan Admin, during configuration
Answer: A

4. Why might an Xsan client user see error message code -1425?

A: User has exceeded the hard quota.
B: Xsan volume is not available at the time.
C: User tried to connect but no user record was found.
D: User does not have write permissions on a folder or volume.
Answer: A

5. Which storage pool configuration will enhance the performance of the SAN?

A: Each volume contains one storage pool.
B: Each volume contains many storage pools.
C: Data is striped over many RAID controllers.
D: Data is striped over a single RAID controller.
Answer: C

6. Which versions of StorNext client software are Xsan 1.1 (Mac OS X version 10.4) controllers compatible with?

A: 1.4 and higher
B: 2.3 and higher
C: 2.4 and higher
D: 2.5 and higher
Answer: D

7. To view the WWPNs for an Apple Fibre Channel PCI-X card, use __________.

A: Xsan Admin
B: Fibre Channel Utility
C: RAID Utility
D: cvadmin
Answer: B

8. In which file is the metadata priority setting (High, Medium, Low) stored?

A: priority.plist
B: role.plist
C: mdc.plist
D: acfs.plist
Answer: B

9. An HBA is _____________.

A: a type of connector used in Fibre Channel installations
B: a type of cable used in Fibre Channel fabrics
C: a command sent by the metadata controller to halt bus access by clients
D: an interface card that allows a computer to connect to a Fibre Channel network
Answer: D

10. When naming an Xsan volume, which TWO statements are true? (Choose TWO.)

A. Any low-ASCII character can be used.
B. Only letters and numbers can be used.
C. Only lowercase letters and numbers can be used.
D. Only uppercase letters and numbers can be used.
E. Volume names can be up to 16 characters in length.
F. Volume names can be up to 70 characters in length.
G. Volume names can be up to 256 characters in length.
Answer: B, F

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