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Apple 9L0-609 Exam -

Free 9L0-609 Sample Questions:

1 You have installed an application into /Applications in Mac OS Xv10.4. A user account without administrator privileges has read-only access to /Applications. If the application needs to write files to its own folder, what is an option to make the application functional for the person using that user account?
A. Add the execute permission to /Applications for that user
B. Move the installed application to/System/Library/Applications
C. Do not authenticate as an administrator when installing the application
D. Copy the installed application to the home folder for that user account
Answer: D

2 In Server Admin, you can choose to deliver a NetBoot image with the niiskless?option selected. This feature is used to ______.
A. create a virtual pool of NetBoot images to balance the client load
B. allow restoration of a target volume while started up from the NetBoot volume
C. ensure that items saved to -/Documents are located on a network home folder
D. ensure better performance of the client computer by caching the NetBoot image
Answer: B

3 You are using ASR multicast to restore multiple computers with the same copy of an ASR-ready disk image. What will the result be?
A. The restorations will be performed simultaneously
B. The restorations will be queued in the order requested
C. Users will be prompted to specify a data rate to use for their computer
D. The computers will start up from a network image and run asr automatically
Answer: A

4 How can you prevent a user from starting a computer from a DVD, CD-ROM, or FireWire drive?
A. Explicitly select a startup disk in System Preferences
B. Enable the open firmware password on the computer
C. Set up Classic to use a System Folder on a disk image
D. Format your designated startup disk without Mac OS9 drivers
Answer: B

5 When installing a custom installation package, the resource script tii.reflight runs after Volume Check and InstallationCheck, and ______.
A. allows the user to select the destination volume
B. verifies that the installation or upgrade can take place
C. determines whether the installation is new or an upgrade
D. runs before all other scripts for new installations and upgrades
Answer: D

6 You have configured Mac OS X Serverv10.4 to provide Software Update services to systems on your network. Using this service allows you to ______.
A. deliver Mac OS X restore images over a network using multicast
B. deploy custom installation packages to Mac OS X systems on a regular basis
C. gather system software information from remote Mac OS X systems before updating
D. stage and validate updates to Mac OS X before providing them to users on the network
Answer: D

7 In which location does Mac OS X Server store packages on a Network In stall disk image?
A. /Library/NetBoot/Packages
B. /Library/Installation/Packages
C. /System/lnstallation/Packages
D. /System/Library/lnstallation/CDIS
Answer: C

8 In Mac OSXv10.4, a custom installation package (.pkg file) can be configured to ______.
A. standardize the configuration of disk partitions
B. put software in multiple locations throughout the file system
C. be a startup volume to facilitate the installation of driver software
D. track changes made to a computer and automatically reverse those changes
Answer: B

9 Apple Remote Desktop is ______.
A. an update service provided by Mac OS X Server
B. a management tool used to control computers remotely
C. an administrative tool used to install Mac OS X on remote systems
D. the system preference for allowing remote Apple events in Mac OS X
Answer: B

10 When using Disk Utility to create a disk image from a model system volume, you need free space on your destination volume that is equal to ______.
A. the data size on the source volume
B. at least two times the data size on the source volume
C. at least three times the data size on the source volume
D. at least four times the data size on the source volume
Answer: B

11 Which ASR image format results in the fastest local image restore?
A. Read only-Compressed
B. Read only-Uncompressed
C. Read/write-Compressed
D. Read/write-Uncompressed
Answer: B

12 To install Mac OS X Serverv10.4 on an Xserver cluster node using an ASR image, you need to start up the computer from ______:
A. the target volume
B. the Mac OSXv10.4 install disk
C. the ASR image, using NetBoot services
D. a volume other than the target volume
Answer: D

13 You have 3J student computers with Apple Remote Desktop enabled which of these actions can you perform on all the computers at the same time using Apple Remote Desktop Admin?
A. Control the mouse pointers
B. Perform a live software restore
C. Download a file to the admin computer
D. Upload and run a custom installation package
Answer: D

14 The System Image Utility ______.
A. creates and scans an ASR-ready disk image
B. prepares a disk image for NetBoot or Network lnstall
C. configures an image to act as the default boot volume
D. configures a computer to startup from a network image
Answer: B

15 What convention does Apple recommend for generating a unique package identifier?
A. DNS convention or your company El domain with the package name at the beginning
B. Mixed java convention or your company El domain name with the package name at the end (Example:
C. mixed DNS convention or your company El domain name in reverse with the package name at the beginning (Example:
D. java package name convention or your company El domain name in reverse with the package name at the end (Example:
Answer: D

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