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Apple 9L0-508 Exam -

Free 9L0-508 Sample Questions:

1. What feature of Mac OS X Server provides permissions compatibility between Mac OS X clients and Windows NT clients?

A: Samba Windows Registry
B: Access Control Lists
C: POSIX permissions
D: NFS permissions
Answer: B

2. What is one task the Migration Assistant performs in Mac OS X v10.4?

A: Migrates all user data that resides on diverse computers onto a single computer.
B: Configures its host computer with settings from the Mac OS 9 Multiple Users control panel.
C: Prepares its host computer to be reassigned to another user by storing all user information in a disk image.
D: Configures its host computer with user data and settings from another computer attached in target disk mode.
Answer: D

3. From Server Admin, which two browsing protocols can you enable for Apple File Service?(Choose TWO.)

C: Bonjour
D: AppleTalk
E: Open Directory
Answer: C, D

4. Which statement presents a valid reason for configuring a network user account to use crypt passwords?

A: Crypt is the most secure password type provided by Mac OS X Server v10.4.
B: The crypt password type enables the user account to authenticate via Kerberos.
C: Mac OS X Server v10.4 allows only crypt passwords to be set for network user accounts.
D: Crypt passwords provide compatibility with computers running Mac OS X v10.1 and earlier.
Answer: D

5. Which two computers below meet the minimum hardware requirements for installing Mac OS X v10.4?(Choose TWO.)

A: iMac 233 MHz (revision B) / 256 MB RAM / 4 GB available disk space
B: iMac DV SE G3 (CRT) / 512 MB RAM / 4 GB available disk space
C: Power Macintosh G3 / 128 MB RAM / 3 GB available disk space
D: Power Macintosh G5 / 512 MB RAM / 2 GB available disk space
E: iBook G3 (FireWire) / 320 MB RAM / 3 GB available disk space
Answer: B, E

6. Where in the graphical user interface do you configure Service Access Control Lists (SACLs)?

A: In Server Admin, under the Settings pane associated with general services
B: In Server Admin, under the Settings pane associated with each service
C: In Workgroup Managers Accounts User or Groups panes
D: In Workgroup Managers Sharing Access pane
Answer: A

7. In Accounts preferences, you can configure an account to ________.

A: have Read only access
B: be regulated by Parental Controls
C: recognize multiple valid passwords
D: allow the user to log in via SSH only
Answer: B

8. Which two Mac OS X v10.4 applications are MOST helpful when troubleshooting Ethernet connectivity?(Choose TWO.)

A: Port Monitor
B: Internet Config
C: Network Utility
D: Process Manager
E: Network Diagnostics
Answer: C, E

9. Which computer meets Apple's minimum recommended requirements for installing Mac OS X Server v10.4?

A: iMac G3 (Bondi Blue) / 256 MB RAM / 6 GB available disk space
B: Power Mac G4 / 512 MB RAM / 3 GB available disk space
C: Power Mac G4 / 256 MB RAM / 4 GB available disk space
D: iBook G4 / 256 MB RAM / 6 GB available disk space
Answer: C

10. The version of Disk Utility that installs with Mac OS X v10.4 allows you to configure hard disks in what three RAID configurations?(Choose THREE.)

A: Parity
B: Striped
C: Parallel
D: Remote
E: Mirrored
F: Concatenated
Answer: B, E, F

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