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Apple 9L0-407 Exam -

Free 9L0-407 Sample Questions:

1. In the Advanced options for the Firewall service in OS X, you select "Block all incoming connections." As a result, ______.
A. the Mail application on your computer will no longer receive incoming messages from a mail server.
B. files on your computer that are shared using Personal File Sharing will be inaccessible to users on the network
C. your computer will NOT be able to obtain an IP address from a DHCP server
D. file servers on your local network will not be visible in the Finder's network browser
Answer: A

2. In the context of computers on a network, what does "bind" mean?
A. Configure a computer to connect to a network account server.
B. Configure a firewall on a computer to restrict inbound traffic
C. Remove data from a hard disk so that the computer can be recycle
D. Restrict access to the files on a local hard disk.
E. Configure a computer to prevent it from accessing data on the network.
Answer: A

3. SMB is also called ______.
Answer: E

4. Diego wants to run a Windows-based application on a MacBook Pro. What is a valid reason for him to use Boot Camp to do so, rather than a virtual solution like Parallels or VMware Fusion?
A. Boot Camp lets Diego switch between OS X and Windows applications instantly, whereas virtual solutions require Diego to restart his MacBook Pro in order to switch between the two environments and their applications.
B. Boot Camp does NOT require Diego to buy and install Windows in order to run Windows-based applications, whereas virtual solutions do.
C. Boot Camp runs natively without hardware-resource contention on Mac computers, so Diego will see better overall performance with Boot Camp than with virtual solutions.
D. Diego can buy Boot Camp on the App Store for $9.99, which is less expensive than the virtual solutions.
Answer: C

5. Which password could have been generated by the "Memorable" option in Password Assistant?
A. 261508614394
B. 5WW1ou5CCcDn
C. bag0\copers
D. hyeleliehdau
E. wua&*T\EsXCX
Answer: E

6. Which statement accurately describes how you use FileVault 2?
A. If you lose the admin user password for a Mac that has FileVault turned on, you can retrieve its user data by restarting the Mac in Target Disk Mode.
B. You must authenticate as an admin user in order to turn on FileVault 2.
C. You can turn off FileVault 2 by starting up the Mac in single-user mode, and entering the Master Password at the prompt.
D. You can only enable FileVault 2 for admin user accounts.
Answer: B

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