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Adobe 9A0-901 Exam -

Free 9A0-901 Sample Questions:

1. What is the value of myVar in the following command?
myVar =_capCompoundSound
A.1 if Flash Lite can process compound sound, 0 if it cannot
B.1 if Flash Lite can process compound sound, undefined if it cannot
C.depends on the number of sounds the device can play simultaneously
D.depends on the number of sounds the installed version of Flash Lite can play simultaneously
Answer: B

2. What is the default frame rate for Flash Lite 1.1 documents?
Answer: B

3. When writing code for a "Key Catcher" button, what code snippet would listen for the right-hand soft key on the handset?
A.on(keyPress "<Soft2>") { }
B.on(keyPress "<Right>") { }
C.on(keyPress "<PageUp>") { }
D.on(keyPress "<PageDown>") { }
Answer: D

4. What is the error message displayed in the output window when the line of code shown is included in a Flash Lite 1.1 application?
status = fscommand2( "GetNetworkStatus" );
A.must export movie as Flash 5 to use this action
B.currently targeted Flash Player does not use ActionScript 2.0
C.currently targeted Flash Player does not support the fscommand2 action
D.fscommand2 command is not supported in the emulator; test it on the device
Answer: D

5. What is the likely cause of a Flash Lite error 3 - "corrupt SWF data" when attempting to load sample.swf using loadMovieNum?
A.The SWF file contains Flash 4 fscommands
B.The SWF file was published with Flash 4 settings
C.The SWF file was published as Flash Lite 1.1 content
D.Optimize Flash Lite 1.1 in the Publish settings was used
E.The SWF file was published with Flash 5 or greater settings
F.The SWF file loaded was published as Flash Lite 1.0 content
G.Images cannot be embedded in movies loaded with loadmovienum or loadmovie commands
Answer: E

6. What method CANNOT be used to transfer a Flash Lite 1.1 file to a mobile device, even if the device supports the capability?
Answer: B

7. While in emulator mode, what happens when the content type of a Flash Lite application is switched from "Standalone player" to "Wallpaper" in the device publish settings?
A.stage size changes immediately
B.extra code is added to the ActionScript layer
C.frame rate of the document is adjusted to fit the new content type requirements
D.list of available devices displays the supported devices for the new content type
Answer: D

8. What is the best solution to make small text readable on mobile devices?
A.Embedding the font
B.Usage of pixel fonts
C.Setting the textfield rendering property to "Anti-alias for animation"
D.Setting the textfield rendering property to "Bitmap text (no Anti-alias)"
Answer: B

9. What features are supported by Flash Lite 1.1? (Choose THREE)
A.Video playback
B.Bitmap images
C.Flash Remoting
D.Audio streaming
E.Frame-based animation
F.Input and dynamic device text
Answer: BEF

10. Given the pictured device, what labeled keys are unavailable for access from Flash Lite 1.1 content?
A.F, D, E
B.A, C, B
C.E, B, A
D.A, D, E
E.B, F, E
Answer: A

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