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Adobe 9A0-802 Exam -

Free 9A0-802 Sample Questions:

1. What will test to see if the values of x and y are the same?
A. if (x = y)
B. IF (x = y)
C. if (x EQ y)
D. if (x == y)

2. If a form requires a constant value for a form field each time the form is submitted, what type of field is used to store the data?
A. Hidden
B. Standard
C. Concealed
D. Fixedvalue

3. In CSS, what is the correct example of a custom class called "myclass"?
A. .myclass
B. #myclass
C. $myclass
D. %myclass

4. What action reduces a page's download time?
A. Use tables instead of CSS for page layout.
B. Link, rather than embed, client-side JavaScript.
C. Reduce the number of colors used in GIF images.
D. Resize images using the height and width attributes of the <img> tag.

5. What CSS formatting options must be previewed in the browser to see them properly rendered?
A. A:link
B. A:hover
C. Line Height
D. Letter Spacing

6. What behavior could you attach to a hyperlink to load new content into two different frames in a frameset?
A. Go To URL
B. Swap Image
C. Change Behavior
D. Open Browser Window

7. Which Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) properties are used to specify the horizontal and vertical position of an element in relation to its parent element?
A. Top, Left
B. Width, Top
C. Top, Right
D. Height, Width

8. Where is the Characters menu found?
A. Assets panel
B. Property inspector
C. HTML Styles panel
D. Insert > HTML > Special Characters

9. How are Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) attached to an HTML file? (Choose TWO)
A. File > Import > Attach Style Sheet
B. Modify > CSS Styles > Attach Style Sheet
C. Common panel > Styles > Attach Style Sheet
D. Property inspector> Styles > Attach Style Sheet
E. Design panel > CSS Styles > Attach Style Sheet

10. The current site requires an asset that is located in another site. What is the most efficient way to access and use that asset?
A. The user is not able to use an asset from one site in another site.
B. Locate the asset and copy it from the other site. Paste the asset into the desired page of the current site.
C. Locate the asset in the other site, right-click the asset, choose Copy to Site, then select the new site and click OK.
D. Open the other site containing the needed asset and from its Assets panel drag the asset onto the open page in the present site.

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