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Adobe 9A0-602 Exam -

Free 9A0-602 Sample Questions:

1. What are examples of absolute target paths? (Choose TWO)
A. mcCircle
B. this.mcCircle
C. _root.mcCircle
D. _level0.mcCircle
E. this._parent.mcCircle

2. What type of animation is NOT available for a shape until it is converted into a symbol?
A. onion skinning
B. shape tweening
C. motion tweening
D. frame-by-frame animation

3. ActionScript works on a keyframe in what type of object?
A. Button
B. Group
C. Graphic
D. MovieClip

4. What symbols or objects CANNOT have Timeline effects applied to them?
A. text
B. sound
C. bitmap images
D. button symbols

5. What is the main use of the TextSnapshot class?
A. Allows static text in a movie clip.
B. Outputs a list of the fonts used within the text fields of a movie clip.
C. Captures the dynamic text used in a movie clip for export to a screen reader.
D. Returns text measurement information (width, height, kerning, etc.) for specified text strings within a movie clip.

6. A movie clip with an instance name of colorChip resides on the main Timeline of a movie. What ActionScript is added to the main Timeline to create a new Color object, named currentColor, to control the color of the colorChip MovieClip?
A. currentColor.add = Color.colorChip;
B. colorChip = new Color(currentColor);
C. currentColor = new Color(colorChip);
D. make Color (colorChip.currentColor);

7. What is the value of "myValue"?
var myValue = Math.ceil(54.22);
A. 54
B. 55
C. 54.2
D. 54.3

8. What property of the TextField class is used to define the text in a text field?
A. myTextField.txt
B. myTextField.text
C. myTextField.variable
D. text boxes cannot have instance names

9. How many classes can a single class extend?
A. 0
B. 1
C. 2
D. 3
E. 4

10. What does this code display in the output window?
var myEmployees:LoadVars = new LoadVars();
myEmployees.Address = "275 Grove Street";
myEmployees.fname = "Jeremy";
trace (myEmployees.toString());
A. blank output window
B. fname=Jeremy&Address=275%20Grove%20Street
C. &fname=Jeremy&Address=275%20Grove%20Street&
D. fname="Jeremy"&Address="275%20Grove%20Street"

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