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Adobe 9A0-502 Exam -

Free 9A0-502 Sample Questions:

1. Where is the specified unit of measurement used on rulers changed?
A.Edit > Preferences
B.Modify > Documents
C.File > Publish Settings
D.View > Rulers > Preferences
Answer: B

2. What is the purpose of locking a bitmap fill?
A.avoid bitmap fills from being displayed when onion skinning is turned on
B.prevent a single bitmap fill from being selected and accidentally changed
C.create appearance of a single bitmap fill being applied to separate objects
D.prevent an imported bitmap from being edited with an external image editor
Answer: C

3. Why use device fonts for Static text?  (Choose TWO)
A.embeds the font outline in SWF
B.anti-aliases Static text by default
C.makes SWF retrieve font from the server
D.device fonts are more readable at smaller point sizes
E.makes SWF retrieve font from the end user's computer
Answer: DE

4. What is an example of relative targeting?
Answer: D

5. What statements are correct?  (Choose THREE)
A.Static text fields can be converted into shapes.
B.Motion Tween effects may be applied to static text fields.
C.Shape Tween effects may be applied to static text fields.
D.If a MovieClip symbol instance is given a name, then duplicated, the duplicate will be automatically given the same instance name with the word copy added.
E.If a timeline layer is hidden using the Timeline, the contents of that layer will be invisible at runtime.
Answer: ABD

6. What statements are correct about shape tweens?  (Choose TWO)
A.Only 1 keyframe is needed.
B.Each keyframe must contain symbols.
C.Each keyframe must not contain symbols.
D.A light blue arrow in the timeline denotes a shape tween.
E.It must have at least 2 keyframes in order to create a shape tween.
Answer: CE

7. How is the right-click Control-click Macromedia Flash Player menu disabled?  (Choose TWO)
A.Use the setMenu function in JavaScript.
B.Disable Display Menu in the Publish Settings dialog.
C.Add to the first frame of the movie.
D.Set menu to false in the EMBED and PARAM HTML tags.
E.Set Window mode to Transparent Windowless in the Publish Settings dialog.
Answer: BD

8. An instance of the "Logo" MovieClip symbol is placed on the main Timeline. The instance is given the name l1.  What is the correct target path?
Answer: A

9. How are specific frames designated as printable from the Macromedia Flash Player?
A.assign each frame the label "#p"
B.set Formats in the Publish Settings an onPrint action on each frame
D.set Page Setup in the Macromedia Flash program
Answer: A

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