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Adobe 9A0-310 Exam -

Free 9A0-310 Sample Questions:

1. Which two UI containers support absolute layout positioning? (Choose two.)
Answer: DE

2. Which kind of data should be passed to the targets property of an effect?
Answer: A

3. On which object or component can the addEventListener() method can be used?
A. Only on custom components.
B. Any object that displays in the Flash player.
C.Only on an event object if the bubbles property is set to true.
D.Only if the custom component has been created in ActionScript
Answer: B

4. Which statement describes the visibility of a protected property? is visible to references everywhere is visible to references in the parent class is visible to references inside the same package is visible to references in the same class and its derived classes
Answer: D

5. Which line of code represents a valid constructor for the class Vehicle?
A.public function init(){ }
B.public function Vehicle(){ }
C.private function Vehicle(){ }
D.public function VehicleConstructor(){ }
Answer: B

6. Which two statements about using custom components are true? (Choose two.)
A.Custom components do NOT need to be in a separate file.
B.Custom components can be written in either MXML or ActionScript.
C.Custom components do NOT need to define the mx namespace if it has been defined in the main application.
D.There must be a file with an <mx:Application> tag that loads the individual components.
E.Custom components do NOT require that namespaces be redefined if they are already defined in the main application.
Answer: BD

7. Which RPC service has a load event that is dispatched once the service object is loaded?
Answer: A

8. Which statement describes the behavior of the Text control that makes it different in behavior and capability from the Label control.
A.The Text control supports the htmlText property.
B.The Text control wraps long text to multiple lines.
C.The Text control supports the selectable property.
D.The Text control does NOT support the backgroundColor style.
Answer: B

9. You are using the labelFunction property of the DataGridColumn class to call a function that returns a date-formatted string. You want to be able to call the function from more than one DataGridColumn instance. The signature of the function is:
private function formatDate(data:Object, column:DataGridColumn):String { }
You have declared an instance of the DateFormatter class named myFormatter. You want to return a date-formatted string from a dynamically selected property of the data object.
Which syntax should you use?
A.return myFormatter.format(data.column);
B.return myFormatter.format(data.dataField);
C.return myFormatter.format(data.column.dataField);
D.return myFormatter.format(data[column.dataField]);
Answer: D

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