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Adobe 9A0-084 Exam -

Free 9A0-084 Sample Questions:

1. You want to share a PDF document. You want everyone to see and to be able to control the page view of the document. Which should you choose from the Collaborate button on the task bar?
A. Share My Screen
B. Send _Collaborate Live
C. Create Buzzword Document
D. Share Documents on
Answer: B

2. You want to collaborate on a document with other people. The reviewers do NOT have access to a common server and are using a version of Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat earlier than Adobe Acrobat 9. How should you conduct the review?
A. as a PDF Portfolio review
B. as an e-mail based review
C. as an accessible PDF review
D. as a shared review using
Answer: B

3. You have initiated a PDF review. Which task can you perform by using the Review Tracker?
A. change deadlines
B. encrypt the PDF document
C. initiate a review from Adobe Reader
D. delete the PDF document by deleting a link in the Tracker
Answer: A

4. You want to add multiple comments without reselecting a specific commenting tool. You also want the commenting tool to remain selected. What should you do?
A. Choose Edit > Preferences > Commenting
B. Choose View > Navigation Panels > Comments
C. Right-click the commenting tool you want to use and choose Tool Default Properties
D. Choose View > Toolbars > Properties Bar, select a commenting tool, then select Keep tool selected from the Properties Bar
Answer: D

5. You are using the Geospatial Location Tool to discover geospatial data. You want to change the measurement units for all geospatial data in your PDF documents. What should you do?
A. Choose Edit > Preferences > Measuring (3D)
B. Choose Edit > Preferences > Measuring (Geo)
C. Right-click in the PDF document containing the geospatial map and select Page Display Preferences.
D. Temporarily switch to the Measurements Tool, right-click inside the map, and choose Distance Unit or Area Unit.
Answer: B

6. You are using Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro. You are sending a PDF document for email review. Which version of Adobe Reader must your reviewers have in order to participate in the review?
A. Adobe Reader 9 only
B. Adobe Reader 8 only
C. Adobe Reader 7 or later
D. Adobe Reader 6 or later
Answer: C

7. Which location is available for a shared PDF document review on an internal server?
A. a proxy server
B. a network folder
C. a database table
D. an LDAP location
Answer: B

8. Which method for conducting a review enables the participants to open and share a PDF document in a live chat session?
A. email
C. internal server
D. Microsoft SharePoint
Answer: B

9. You have copied text and an image from an application to your clipboard. Which method is available for creating a PDF document from the copied content?
A. Create PDF command from within Acrobat
B. Using Adobe PDFMaker within the source application
C. Using the Adobe PDF printer within the source application
D. Context menu on the desktop by right-click (Windows) or Control-clicking (Mac OS)
Answer: A

10. You are working on a Windows PC. Where will you find the option to create a custom page size when using Adobe PDF printer in Microsoft Word?
A. Tools > Options
B. Acrobat preferences
C. Layout tab of the Adobe PDF Document Properties dialog box
D. Adobe PDF Settings tab of the Adobe PDF document Properties dialog box
Answer: D

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