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Adobe 9A0-081 Exam -

Free 9A0-081 Sample Questions:

1. Which three technologies are used to create digital signatures? (Choose three.)

A. hashing
B. encryption
C. biometrics
D. polygraphs
E. digital certificates

Answer: A, B, E

2. What is created when you use Flex Builder to design a custom form guide?

A. Flex project
B. JAVA project.
C. MXML Application
D. Flex Library Project

Answer: D

3. What type of file is imported when you create a custom guide component in Guide Builder?


Answer: D

4. Which three operating systems are supported by Adobe LiveCycle Workbench ES? (Choose three.)

A. Linux
B. Windows XP
C. Windows Vista
D. Windows 2000 Pro
E. Windows 2003 Server

Answer: B, D, E

5. Which statement about the users specified in the Visible Users and Groups category is true?

A. They can create policies in the policy set.
B. They can be included as principals in a policy.
C. They can apply a policy from the policy set to a PDF.
D. They can open a PDF document that has been protected with a policy from the policy set.

Answer: B

6. What does the package Ic.domain contain?

A. The interfaces that are used to communicate with LiveCycle ES server.
B. The classes that are used to communicate with LiveCycle ES server directly.
C. The classes that encapsulate LiveCycle ES business concepts such as tasks, endpoints, queues.
D. The interfaces that are used to expose the LiveCycle ES business concepts such as tasks, endpoint, queues.

Answer: D

7. With which does the workspace-theme.swf need to be directly packaged?

A. workpace-runtime.swc
B. adobe-livecycle-jboss.ear
C. adobe-workspace-client.ear
D. adobe-workspace-client.war

Answer: D

8. Which type of key is used by Rights Management to encrypt a document?

A. A 256 bit AES Symmetric key.
B. A 128 bit AES Symmetric key.
C. A 128 bit AES Asymmetric key.
D. The private key portion of a 1024 bit Asymmetric key pair.

Answer: B

9. You want to process (i.e. extract data) a policy protected PDF document that is on a server. Which operation is necessary prior to processing the PDF document?

A. Revoke license
B. Remove Policy Security
C. Unlock Policy Protected PDF
D. Set Value that writes the document into a temporary variable

Answer: C

10. You are creating a service to validate a signature applied to a submitted document. Which type of variable can be used to store the validation?

A. String
B. XMLSignatureValidationResult
C. XMLSignatureVerificationResult
D. SubmissionSignatureVericationResult

Answer: C

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