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Adobe 9A0-080 Exam -

Free 9A0-080 Sample Questions:

1. You want to add closed captioning text to your slides. What should you do?
A.Choose BMP playbars for the Skin property in the Skin Editor dialog box.
B.Choose Audio > Advanced Audio, click on an audio track, click the Closed Caption button and add a caption.
C.Choose Project > Skin and deselect Show playback control in the Playback Control tab of the Skin Editor dialog box
D.Add closed captioning text to slide notes
Answer: B

2. You are creating a new Captivate project. You want to use the Cosmos caption type in your project. The Cosmos caption type was available in the drop down list in version 2, but is NOT available version 3. What should you do?
A.Locate a PC with Captivate 2 still installed, then locate the Cosmos caption files and copy them from the Captivate 2 PC to the Captivate 3 PC.
B.When editing the caption within Captivate, choose the Caption Type drop down, choose and open the More folder.
C.Use a graphics editing application to re-create the look and feel of the Cosmos caption type.
D.Advise those involved in the decision making that this caption type is NO longer included with Captivate 3 and it should no longer be used.
Answer: B

3. You have created a text entry box to receive answers from users. You also want users to see their previously entered answer if they return to this slide by using the Back button. What should you do?
A.Add responses to the Correct entries section.
B.Select Retain Text.
C.Select Infinite attempts.
D.Leave the Default text field blank
Answer: B

4. You have created a Captivate project and are preparing to add some audio narration to your text captions. You want to ensure that the audio will synchronize with the text captions.What should you do?
A.Choose Audio > Background Audio and record the audio narration.
B.Choose Audio > Record > Project and record the audio narration.
C.Edit the properties for each text caption, choose the Audio tab and record the audio.
D.Choose Audio > Import and import a placeholder audio clip.
Answer: C

5. You will be deploying your Adobe Captivate movie in a Web browser to a broad audience. Users will have a low bandwidth connection and video quality will have to be set to Standard.
Which Windows display setting should you choose to provide the best graphic appearance?
A.set the Windows display color quality to 32-bit
B.use a blank screen saver
C.turn off gradients in Active and Inactive Title bars
D.eliminate icons on desktop
Answer: C

6. Captivate may be configured to record specific areas of the screen using the size you specify. Your computer has been configured with a screen resolution of 1280 pixels by 800 pixels.
You will be placing your Captivate output on the Internet. You do NOT know which screen settings your end users may have. What should you do?
A.change your screen resolution to 640 x 480 pixels and record using the full screen option of Captivate
B.change your screen resolution to 1024 x 768 pixels and record the application at whatever size it currently is displaying
C.configure the application to display at 1024 x 768 pixels and record using this size
D.configure the application to display at 800 x 600 pixels and record using this size
Answer: D

7. You are about to record a simulation. You want to provide Hint captions automatically by default. Which option should you select?
A.Assessment Simulation
C.Training Simulation
Answer: C

8. You intend to capture a desktop application. You have been told by the software developer that you may NOT resize the applications window and that you must capture it at its default window size. Youve started the application.
Which Software Simulation option will ensure you capture just the application window at its current size?
B.Custom Size
C.Full Screen
D.Scenario Simulation
Answer: A

9. You want to publish your project as a SWF so it can be viewed over the Web via a Web browser. You do NOT want your screen captures to be too wide or tall.
Which Software Simulation option will allow you to control the size of the capture area?
B.Custom Size
C.Full Screen
D.Scenario Simulation
Answer: B

10. You want to record an application so the Captivate movie contains the following settings after you record:
- Click Boxes with Failure and Hint Captions
- Text Entry Boxes with Failure and Hint Captions and two attempts
Which recording option should you choose?
B.Assessment Simulation
C.Training Simulation
Answer: C

11. You want to create a demo that will be delivered as a single Flash.swf file. Which recording preference produces extra.swf files?
A.record keystrokes
B.hear camera sounds during recording
C.automatically use full motion recording
D.record in demonstration mode
Answer: C

12. You will be recording in Assessment mode. Which recording preference option is selected by default?
A.Automatically add click boxes when the mouse is clicked
B.Show mouse location and movement
C.Automatically add text captions
D.Convert tooltips to rollover captions
Answer: A

13. You want to realistically record the time it takes for a process to complete during the recording process. Which Recording setting should you use?
A.Auto Recording.
B.Record keystrokes.
C.Record actions in real time.
D.Manual Recording.
Answer: C

14. Your users do NOT have access to the Flash player. Which publish option should you use to ensure your users can view your published project?
A.Adobe Connect
C.Flash (SWF)
Answer: B

15. Which statement about project titles is NOT true?
A.Spaces in the project title are acceptable.
B.Underscores in the project title are acceptable.
C.Project titles longer than 8 characters are acceptable.
D.Project titles result in the HTML file name.
Answer: A

16. You are publishing your Captivate project to Flash (SWF). Which option, if deselected, may cause your project to NOT display properly in a Web browser?
A.Zip files
B.Export HTML
C.Full screen
D.Send PENS notification
Answer: B

17. You publish your Captivate project as standalone. Later, you want to change the title bar.What should you do?
A.Choose Edit > Preferences > General and change the Project name field.
B.Choose Project > Skin, select the Info tab and change the Project name field.
C.Edit the properties of the first slide and configure the Label field.
D.Choose File > Publish > Standalone and configure the Project Title field.
Answer: D

18. You want to publish your Captivate project as a short reference guide by creating a Microsoft Word document. Which output type should you choose?
B.Step by Step
Answer: B

19. You are publishing your Captivate project as a Word document. You want to provide your questions and an answer key. Which output type should you choose?
B.Step by Step
Answer: C

20. Where should you add the text from your text captions so the text can be read by a screen reader?
A.The Slide notes area.
B.The Slide Accessibility Text area.
C.The Closed Captioning area.
D.The Info tab in the Skin Editor.
Answer: B

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