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Adobe 9A0-064 Exam -

Free 9A0-064 Sample Questions:

1. Which two does the Sound object allow on a mobile device? (Choose two.)
A. Control the volume of a sound
B. Delete portions of a sound clip.
C. Control the envelope of a sound
D. Alter the sampling rate of a sound
E.Set the left right balance of a sound

2. In what form are the types of video (VideoMimeTypes) a device supports returned?
A. As a String
B. As an Array
C. As an Object
D. As a numeric code

3. An XMLSocket() would be BEST suited for
A. An application where the data source rarely changes.
B. A low latency, near continuous communication application
C. A game that only needed name value pairs for high scores.
D. A high latency application that deals with large amounts of data.

4. The childNodes property of the XMLNode object is what type of Object
B. Array
C. String
D. Object

5. What is the correct ActionScript syntax for animating a MovieClip instance, my_mc, horizontally across the stage?
A. my_mc.onEnterFrame = function(){if _y <= Stage.width{_y+1};
B. my_mc.onEnterFrame = function(){if _x <= Stage.width{_x+1};
C. my_mc.onEnterFrame = function(){if _x <= Stage.width{this._x++};
D. my_mc.onEnterFrame = function(){if _x <= Stage.width{this._y++};

6. Which method creates a MovieClip with the instance name of myMovie?
A. myMovie = new MovieClip (my_mc, 1);
B. this.attachMovie(my_mc, myMovie, 1)
C. myMovie.duplicateMovieClip(my_mc, 1);
D. myMovie.createEmptyMovieClip(my_mc, 1)

7. What is true when using the duplicateMovieClip method?
A. The _visible property is set to true upon duplication
B. A duplicated MovieClip can have a different parent than the source clip
C. Two movie clips can exist at the same depth provided they have different instance names.
D. A MovieClip that has a depth of 4 will appear to be in front (or on top) of a clip with a depth of 7

8. In order to target as many devices as possible, for example, one device supports MIDI and another includes MFI, what is the BEST way to include multiple sound formats in a Flash Lite SWF?
A. Use the sound bundler
B. Export all sound as MP3
C. Export all sound as ADPCM
D. Import all sounds and use the System.capabilities object to test

9. Where are variables that are loaded via a LoadVars object referenced?
A.within an Array
B.directly in a text field
C.on the timeline where they are loaded the properties of the LoadVars object where they are loaded

10. What assigns the my_mc MovieClipss height to the value of 100 if the variable myProperty = _height?
A. my_mc.myProperty = 100;
B. my_mc[myProperty] = 100;
C. my_mc.myProperty = 100;
D. my_mc[myProperty] = 100;

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