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Adobe 9A0-063 Exam -

Free 9A0-063 Sample Questions:

1. Which information can you preview by Selecting Preview Separations from the Output Preview dialog box?
B.Halftone screens
C.Emulsion options
D.One or more process plates
Answer: D

2. You are creating a PDF document from a Microsoft Word document. You want to automatically include the metadata from the Word document in the PDF document. Which option in the Acrobat PDFMaker dialog box should you select?
A.Add Links to Adobe PDF
B.Add Bookmarks to Adobe PDF
C.Convert Document Information
D.Prompt for Adobe PDF file name
Answer: C

3. You want to allow users to add a digital signature to your document by using Adobe Reader 8. Which command should you choose?
A.Advanced > Security Settings
B.Advanced > Sign & Certify > Place Signature
C.Advanced > Enable Usage Rights in Adobe Reader
D.Advanced > Document Processing > Set Document Actions
Answer: C

4. You are using the Review Tracker to send out an email review. You have sent out the initial email. Which two Review Tracker features are available? (Choose two.)
A.Add Reviewers
B.Import Comments
C.Migrate Comments
D.Email All Reviewers
E.Summarize Comments
Answer: AD

5. Which statement about security envelopes is true?
A.Only PDF files can be protected with a security envelope
B.Security envelopes are only compatible with Acrobat 8 and Reader 8
C.They contain the protected file as an attachment to the envelope PDF
D.You can not use a policy server or Adobe Document Center policy with them
Answer: C

6. You want to collaboratively edit a PowerPoint presentation. Which method should you use?
A.Conduct an e-mail-based review
B.Send the PowerPoint slides in a PDF Package
C.Attach the PowerPoint slides to a Shared Review
D.Collaborate via the Web with Adobe Acrobat Connect
Answer: D

7. Which feature is enabled for a Participant in an Adobe Acrobat Connect session?
A.Polling pods
B.The Note pod
C.Screen Sharing
D.The Camera pod
Answer: D

8. What does right-clicking (Windows) or control-clicking (Mac OS) on a toolbar allow you to do?
A.Undock and redock the toolbar
B.Add or delete items from a toolbar
C.Hide or show button labels on the toolbar
D.Create or delete new tools with JavaScript
Answer: B

9. What does Total Ink Coverage preview display?
A.Spot colors that overlap process color areas
B.The total percentage of a page covered by any ink
C.The percentage of a process-color ink in a solid-color object
D.Areas that exceed the maximum amount of ink coverage allowed by a printer
Answer: D

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