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Adobe 9A0-061 Exam -

Free 9A0-061 Sample Questions:

1. You have created an offline project. You need to bring this project into an online editing system, and you need to re-capture the files with high-quality settings.
To accomplish this, you should use the Project Manager and create a Trimmed Project _____.
A. excluding unused clips
B. selecting Make Offline
C. selecting Include Handles
D. selecting Rename Media Files to Match Clip Names
Answer: B

2. You have a clip that has been logged for inclusion in a batch capture, but has NOT yet been captured. How does it appear in the Project panel?
A. as a sequence
B. as a still image
C. as an offline clip
D. as an automatically detected scene
Answer: C

3. Why use 24p, if the video will never be converted into film?
A. It helps when transferring from NTSC to PAL.
B. It gives your video a look that is associated with film.
C. You can get more footage in the same amount of tape.
D. Because of its film-like characteristics, NTSC color standards no longer apply.
Answer: B

4. Which control in the Fast Color Corrector effect has the greatest effect on lightening the shadows in the clip?
A. Auto White Level
B. Auto Black Level
C. Input White Level Gamma Slider
D. Input Black Level Gamma Slider
Answer: B

5. How many objects must you select in the Adobe Title Designer to use the Distribute object tool?
A. at least one
B. at least two
C. at least three
D. any number of objects
Answer: C

6. You have applied an effect by using the Audio Mixer.
Adding a new clip to the track will _____.
A. apply that effect to the clip
B. NOT add that effect to that clip
C. only add the effect to the clip as long as the clip overlaps another clip
D. only add the effect to the clip as long as the clip is placed before any other clips in the track
Answer: A

7. What should you do to create a DVD menu?
A. choose DVD >Template > Apply
B. choose Template> Apply to Current Sequence
C. choose DVD markers from the DVD layout panel and choose Apply
D. choose Change Template from the DVD Layout panel and select a menu
Answer: D

8. The Project panel is primarily used to _____.
A. export projects to files or tape
B. capture projects from external sources
C. trim a project to include used media only
D. list and manage details on the assets in your project
Answer: D

9. Which panel allows you to create settings that will allow you to capture only the video and NOT the audio from a clip on a digital video tape?
A. the Info panel
B. the Capture panel
C. the Effects panel
D. the Project panel
Answer: B

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