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Adobe 9A0-059 Exam -

Free 9A0-059 Sample Questions:

1. Which action would require you to incorporate Photoshop into your Lightroom workflow?
A. Modify the photo’s fill light
B. Export the photo as a JPEG
C. Modify the photo’s noise reduction
D. Edit a photo’s background to remove an unwanted object
Answer: D

2. Which import method allows you to copy proprietary camera Raw photos to a folder and convert them to DNG (Digital Negative)?
A. Import Photos from Device
B. Import from Catalog
C. Import from Elements
D. Auto Import
Answer: A

3. Which is an advantage of using the PSD file format in Adobe Lightroom?
A. Multilayer Photoshop files are supported
B. Web photo galleries use this format for displaying photographs
C. It is an archival format for Raw files generated by digital cameras
D. All image-editing and page-layout applications use this format
Answer: A

4. Which two options will display the side panels when the Auto Hide/Show option has been enabled? (Choose two.)
A. Pressing the Tab key on the keyboard.
B. Pressing the Return key on the keyboard.
C. Mouse over the Show/Hide arrows on the side panels.
D. Pressing the Space Bar on the keyboard
E. Pressing Ctrl+Alt+/
Answer: A, C

5. You are importing your photographs from a disk. Which two options are available to you? (Choose two.)
A. Copy photos to a new location and import
B. Move photos to a new location and import
C. Delete suspected duplicate photos from disk
D. Import duplicate photos and mark for review
E. Convert original photos to RAW format before importing
Answer: A,B

6. Which two printing options are automatically disabled when printing in draft mode? (Choose two)
A. Photo Info
B. Print Resolution
C. Auto-Rotate to Fit
D. Print Sharpening
E. Zoom to Fill Frame
Answer: B, D

7. Which Post-processing option is available when you export from Lightroom?
A. Minimize Embedded Metadata.
B. Save your photographs in the DNG format.
C. Automatically upload your Web Gallery to your Web site.
D. Apply a set of Photoshop actions to your exported photographs.
Answer: D

8. You are working with a JPEG file which does NOT have an embedded color profile. Which statement is true?
A. No profile is assumed
B. The sRGB profile is assumed
C. The ProPhoto RGB profile is assumed
D. The AdobeRGB (1998) profile is assumed
Answer: B

9. You are importing photos from a disk by moving them. Which option is available for organizing the photos when you use this method?
A. Date
B. Filename
C. Metadata
D. Keyword
Answer: A

10. Which statement about adding music to a Slideshow is true?
A. Both Mac OS and Windows can access a variety of sound file formats.
B. Both Mac OS and Windows can access a folder of MP3 files.
C. Both Mac OS and Windows can access a playlist in iTunes.
D. The Mac OS can access a playlist in iTunes and Windows can access a folder of MP3 files.
Answer: D

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