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Adobe 9A0-058 Exam -

Free 9A0-058 Sample Questions:

1. Your company logo is available in the following formats: Illustrator, JPG, PNG, GIF and PSD.  Which format would give you the most options within your Flash project?
E. Illustrator
Answer: E

2. You have a rectangle shape with rounded corners. You want to ensure that the corners do NOT distort when the rectangle is scaled. What should you do?
A. Adjust xscale and yscale properties
B. Convert the shape to a Graphic symbol
C. Its not possible to prevent the corners from scaling
D. Convert the shape to a MovieClip and apply 9-slice scaling
Answer: D

3. Which three join types are available for strokes when drawing a rectangle with the Rectange tool? (Choose three.)
A. Miter
B. Bevel
C. None
D. Round
E. Square
Answer: ABD

4. Which is a benefit of importing a Photoshop document (PSD) with layers into a Flash document?
A. Text layers in a PSD can be imported into Flash as editable text fields.
B. While importing the PSD, you can convert bitmap layers into vector artwork.
C. Layer styles in the PSD, such as drop shadows, are converted to Flash filters.
D. You can automatically resize the PSD to match the Flash documents dimensions.
Answer: A

5. Which element is the root element in an XML driven animation?
A. <Motion>
B. <Source>
C. <Keyframe>
D. <geom:Rectangle>
Answer: A

6. You have a video object with which you want to stream a video feed. Which ActionScript objects should you use?
A. Video and Sound
B. NetStream and NetConnection
C. NetStream and VideoConnection
D. VideoStream and VideoConnection
Answer: B

7. Which operator should you use to create an instance of a class?
A. the dot operator
B. the new operator
C. the assignment operator
D. the concatenation operator
Answer: B

8. Which metadata tag must be added before a property declaration in the class of a component to make the property accessible through the Component Inspector panel?
A. [Event]
B. [Bindable]
C. [Metadata]
D. [Inspectable]
Answer: D

9. You want to create a SWF file such that it is as small as possible. Which type of asset should you use?
A. vector images with gradients
B. vector images without gradients
C. bitmapped images with gradients
D. bitmapped images without gradients
Answer: B

10. You want to import a bitmapped image asset into a Flash document. You do NOT have Quicktime 4 or later installed on your computer. Which file format should you use?
A. TIFF (.tif)
B. Targa (.tga)
C. MacPaint (.pntg)
D. Adobe Photoshop (.psd)
Answer: D

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