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Adobe 9A0-056 Exam -

Free 9A0-056 Sample Questions:

1. You want to set the default encoding for an HTML page. What should you do?
A. Use the New Document category.
B. Use the Code Rewriting category.
C. Use the File Types / Editors category.
D. Use the Code Format category.
Answer: A

2. You apply the Grow/Shrink effect to an image for the onMouseClick event. You notice that on alternate clicks, the image grows at first and shrinks later on. What causes this behavior?
A. This is the default behavior of the Grow/Shrink effect.
B. The Toggle Effect option in the Grow/Shrink dialog box is selected.
C. The value of Effect in the Grow/Shrink dialog box is set to Grow.
D. The value of Shrink from is in percentage and the value of Shrink to is in pixels.
Answer: B

3. You use JavaScript to define seven variables in the Script tag of a Web page. You define the script type as text/javascript. You declare the variables in separate lines in the Code view.
You want to convert the variables into comments as efficiently as possible.
What should you do?
A. Add the // comment.
B. Add the <!-- --> comment.
C. Add the /* */ comment.
D. Add the ' comment.
Answer: C

4. You want a client computer to be able to initiate inbound and outbound FTP connections with an FTP server. Which FTP option should you use?
B. Passive FTP
C. Secure FTP
D. IPv6 transfer mode
Answer: B

5. You are developing dynamic pages for which you want to set up a testing server. You want to choose ColdFusion as the Server model. Which option should you choose from the Access pop-up menu to do this?
A. Remote Development Services (RDS)
C. Microsoft Visual SourceSafe
D. Local/Network
Answer: A

6. What happens to a Web page when you create it by using the CSS starter page that is provided with Dreamweaver?
A. CSS is applied only to the text on the Web page.
B. CSS is defined as CSS IDs which you call to apply to the content you create.
C. CSS is applied and the complete layout of the Web page is controlled by CSS.
D. CSS is defined as CSS classes that you call to apply to the content you create.
Answer: C

7. You are developing a site for your company. You create the home page for the site by using frames. The left frame contains navigation and the right frame contains content.
The page contains the following code:
<frameset rows="*" cols="231,*" framespacing="0" frameborder="no" border="0"> <frame src="left.html" name="left" scrolling="No" noresize="noresize" id="left" title="left" /> <frame src="right.html" name="right" id="main" title="right" /></frameset>
In the navigation panel, you create a link to the contact.html page of the site. You want to ensure that the left panel is always available for navigation. Which two target attributes should you assign? (Choose two.)
A. target="_blank"
B. target="_parent"
C. target="_self"
D. target="_top"
E. target="right"
F. target="left"
Answer: AE

8. You want to create a CSS rule in an external CSS file. You want the CSS rule to automatically set the text font in all the Web pages linked to the CSS file.
What should you do?
A. Create a new rule by using CSS Styles panel and select Class as Selector type.
B. Create a new rule by using CSS Styles panel and select Tag as Selector type.
C. Create a new rule by using CSS Styles panel and create an ID selector.
D. Create a new rule by using CSS Styles panel and create a pseudo-class selector.
Answer: B

9. You link an external CSS file containing a CSS ID named Text_size to a Web page.
You want to apply the CSS ID Text_size to a paragraph on your Web page. Which should you use?
A. Property inspector
B. Code view
C. Asset panel
D. Design view
Answer: B

10. You link an external CSS file to a Web page and select All from the CSS Styles tab.
Then, you select an element and delete the CSS rule applied to the element. What is the result?
A. The deleted CSS rule is removed from the Web page and the CSS Styles panel.
B. The CSS rule is deleted from the element to which the CSS rule is applied.
C. The CSS rule is deleted from the CSS file.
D. The deleted CSS rule is removed only from the CSS Styles panel.
Answer: C

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