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Adobe 9A0-054 Exam -

Free 9A0-054 Sample Questions:

1. What happens when you double-click the thumbnail of a text layer in the Layers palette?
A. The properties of the layer become editable.
B. The text opens in the source application.
C. The layer name changes to an editable text field.
D. The text on the layer is selected.
Answer: D
2. You are using Bridge. You open a folder that contains many subfolders. You want to preview the contents of all subfolders simultaneously. What should you do?
A. Use the Group as Stack command.
B. Use the Show Folders command. 
C. Click the Flatten View button.
D. Click the Go Up button. 
Answer: C
3. When should you use the Crop and Straighten Photos command?
A. After opening a photograph taken by using a digital camera.
B. After downloading a folder of images from a digital camera.
C. After gang-scanning images on a flatbed scanner. 
D. After selecting multiple images in Bridge.
Answer: C
4. You create an artwork that includes a logo that is a resolution-independent object. The artwork contains a text layer on top of a gradient background. When you print the artwork, you observe that the text is printed at a low resolution, which results in blurred edges. What should you do to ensure good quality of the printed text?
A. Select Include Vector Data from the Print dialog box.
B. Flatten all layers before printing.
C. Rasterize the text layer before printing.
D. Apply anti-aliasing to the layer type.
Answer: A
5. You want to draw on an image by using the Pencil tool. You also want the pencil color to match a color in the image. What should you do before using the Pencil tool?
A. Press SHIFT and click the color you want to match.
B. Press OPTION (Mac) or ALT (Windows) and click the color you want to match.
C. Press COMMAND (Mac) or ALT (Windows) and click the color you want to match.
D. Press SPACEBAR and click the color you want to match.
Answer: B
6. You use the Paintbrush tool and select the Hard Round 19 Pixel brush from the Brush Presets in the Option bar. What happens when you change the Spacing option to 200 percent in the Brushes palette?
A. The brushstroke produces a solid line, 38-pixel wide.
B. The brushstroke produces a tapered line, 19-pixel wide at its thickest point.
C. The brushstroke produces a dotted line with a 19-pixel space between the dots.
D. The brushstroke produces a dotted line with a 38-pixel space between the dots.
Answer: C
7. What happens when you drag a panel from a panel group and make it float?
A. The panel is rearranged in the panel group.
B. The panel appears in the front of the panel group.
C. The panel is removed from the panel group.
D. The panel group is moved with the panel.
Answer: C
8. You want to sharpen selection edges and remove fuzzy artifacts from an image. You also want to remove excessive noise near selection edges. What should you change in the Refine Edge dialog box?
A. Increase the Radius.
B. Increase the Contrast percentage.
C. Increase the Feather value.
D. Increase the Contract/Expand percentage.
Answer: B
9. You want to reduce the jaggedness of the contour of your selection by using the Refine Edge command. What should you do?
A. By increasing the Radius value.
B. By increasing the Contrast value.
C. By increasing the Feather value.
D. By increasing the Smooth value.
Answer: D
10. You want to activate a saved selection in your image. In which two situations would you use the shortcut key Ctrl+5 (Windows) or Command+5 (Mac)? (Choose two.)
A. When the selection is the fifth selection saved in sequence in an RGB image.
B. When the selection is the first selection saved in sequence in a Lab Color image.
C. When the selection is the second selection saved in sequence in an RGB image.
D. When the selection is the fourth selection saved in sequence in a Grayscale image.
E. When the selection is the fifth selection saved in sequence in a Grayscale image.
Answer: CD

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